5 BuzzFeed Quizzes to Take Right Now

Raise your hand if you love taking quizzes. Now raise your hand if you also love BuzzFeed. Who doesn't?! I could take BuzzFeed quizzes for hours.  I mean who wouldn't want to know which Spice Girl they're most like or what kind of cookie they are. These are clearly vital pieces of information! Some people might see taking these quizzes as a waste of time or procrastinating. I like to think of them as a way to get to know yourself better and the results as potential answers for the classic icebreaker game where you go around and everyone shares a fun fact about themselves. I found 5 fun quizzes to take, but be careful because once you take one BuzzFeed quiz, you'll end up taking about 50 more. It's like that book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. Enjoy! 


1. Build A Burger And We'll Reveal What Makes You Special

As if we don't already know. 



2. Build Your Dream Apartment And We'll Tell You Which Powerpuff Girl You Are

 Oh, definitely Bubbles. 



3. Plan A Fall Day In Stars Hollow And We'll Tell You Which "Gilmore Girls" Guy Is Your One True Love

Fingers crossed we get Jess.



4. How Well Do You Know High School Musical 2?

Pretty sure I'll ace this one. Should we "Bet On It"? 


5. What Would You Be In A Salad?

Hmmm, it's a toss-up between carrots or croutons.