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4 Ways to Usher in Spring (Right Now)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Portland chapter.

Spring break was here and gone in a flash, but that doesn’t mean it has to be gone forever! As Portlanders, we are pros at soaking up the sun–when it actually comes out, that is. But what is a girl to do when the grey days outnumber the sunny ones?

Here are 4 ways to brighten up your day and remind you that spring is really, truly here (I promise): 

1. Be a kid again. Remember those days where you spent hours and hours just being creative? As busy college students, we certainly don’t have that kind of time, but a springtime craft can be just the thing you need to get your creative juices flowing again. Check out some easy, spring craft ideas here.

2.  Dance party! Grab your girls, blast some springtime tunes, and dance the rain away!

3. Dress like its springtime. Grab your favorite dress and rock it with a pair of warm tights and cute boots. Even just dressing the part can help you forget what the weather is really like!

4. Concoct a refreshing drink. Nothing can remind you of spring like a thirst-quenching drink. Try one of these fruit-flavored water recipes or create your own! Oh, and did I mention how pretty they will look in your mason jar? #hipster

Happy Spring!

Hanna attends the University of Portland and is studying Marketing with a minor in Communication Studies. Getting lost, adventuring in the Pearl on a cloudy afternoon and eventually ending up in a local coffee shop are some of Hanna’s greatest pleasures in life. Hanna hopes to pursue a career in public relations upon graduation and plans to adopt the “City of Roses” as her new home. She is an avid writer and loves spending time with her favorite American authors, Ernest Hemingway and Kurt Vonnegut, with a good cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. Hanna is the Campus Correspondent and Editor-In-Chief for Her Campus Portland.
Hailing from eastern Washington, Julia attends the University of Portland in Oregon, as a Communication Studies major with an emphasis on Journalism. As a magazine and book junkie, Julia reads everything (and anything) she can get her hands on, especially those passionate on young adult culture and entertainment. A woman that gets stir-crazy easily, Julia has been fortunate to have traveled many summers in a row to foreign countries, including a study abroad course in Austria, Germany, and Great Britain. Since a ripe age, she has grown and cultivated her passion and dream of working for a magazine and spreading awareness as well as happiness through the tips of her fingers. Always finding time for herself, Julia can frequently be found quoting movie lines (most frequently Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn), having a 90's dance party with her roommates, or rereading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" for the 40th time.