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Taking Over: Nina Nirema

Dear wonderful readers!
I am very proud to announce that HC Pomona will be in good hands next year, during its second and third semesters of operation! Our VP Nina Nirema has agreed to become the next editor-in-chief for the school year of 2011-2012.
Nina is a politics major from Chicago. She was born in Burundi but moved to the US when she was 2, after her mom received a Fulbright grant to teach and work in the US. Nina loves writing and has always been involved in school publications: she was the chief editor of her high school newspaper and a staff writer for Pomona’s TSL.
She has an amazing energy and has shown a lot of talent and love for our magazine, and I am sure she will do an outstanding job next semester. Hopefully, HC Pomona will remain an important part of Pomona students’ lives, like it has been this semester.
I talked to Nina over lunch about her plans for the magazine. Here’s what she told me:
Savina: Why Her Campus?
Nina: I like the idea of having a voice for college women. We didn’t have that before HC Pomona, so I wanted to be a part of it.
You wrote for TSL until this semester. What made you stick with HC Pomona instead?
I liked the freedom to talk and write about what I want to talk and write about.
What was your favorite part of your involvement?
Interviewing our campus cuties! But, jokes aside, it was great to see the magazine grow over the semester and become what it is today.
How do you think your involvement will change as the editor-in-chief next year?
I will be doing more hands-on work and more writing, which I am excited about. As the vice president this semester I had to take care of a lot of organizational things and I didn’t have time to engage with content as much as I would have liked. But I will definitely focus on that more as the editor-in-chief.
Do you have any ideas for next semester?
I want to continue expanding what we write about. I want to get more writers on board so that we can talk about more issues that Pomona girls are interested in and can relate to. We have learned a lot this semester and I plan to use the accumulated knowledge to expand and develop HC Pomona further.
What is your message to our readers and future contributors?
We like to have fun and we have room for any positive message!
Thank you so much, Nina! Good luck next semester!

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