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Splurge vs Steal: Hottest boots of the season and their cheaper alternatives

The quest for the perfect boot is often time consuming, arduous and let’s face it rather damaging for our meager college bank accounts.  Many of us (myself included) are tempted to throw on a pair of Rainbows for all occasions, especially since we do live in southern California.  Luckily, I’m here to stop this travesty.  Boots will make or break your look.  And if you find the right pair they can be just as easy and comfortable as those Rainbows we all know and love.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite boots from this year, which will carry your cute little (or not so little in my case) feetsies from class to the library to pub to LA to date night and back again. 

First up: utilitarian. Claremont might not be on the forefront of fashion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be edgy.  Utilitarian boots are a great addition from the recent military trends in fashion.  I especially love the utilitarian boots with distressed leather for some effortless badass grunge.  They’re perfect for a trendy Pitzer party, any time day or night in LA or even class if you’re in a fashionista mood.

Splurge ($348): The Rogan Studded Lace Boot by Frye has been on my fashion wish list for ages.  Even though studs aren’t dominating the trends as much as last season, I’m still crazy about them.  If studs aren’t for you, Frye also makes these beauties stud-less. 

Steal ($88):  The Marquis Motorcycle Boot by Miz Mooz gives off the same tough chic vibe as the Fryes for significantly less.  The black studding is subtler than the silver on the splurge boots, which makes these boots more versatile.  Score!


Next: the riding boot.  Oh how we love you, classic sleek equestrian work of art.  With riding boots, you can never go wrong.  They’re probably the safest and most versatile of boots for our campus, and their slimming silhouette does wonders for the legs.  While there is a wide range of styles, I prefer a basic riding boot that will withstand shifting fashion trends for ages. 
Splurge ($750):  It’s obvious that Burberry can do no wrong when it comes to riding boots.  Classic, sophisticated and oh so British, these fancy boots certainly make a statement.   But with a price tag like this, one can only dream…

Steal ($39.99):  Hooray for Tar-zhay (Target pronounced by the sophisticated)!  The Merona Kallista Riding Boot in Brown is a perfect alternative for the budget conscious college girl.  The rich chocolate color will look beautiful with denim as well as tights and a skirt!


Western boots are also a great addition to your collection.  Pair your cowboy boots with a sundress during the day to inspire frolics through Walker Beach or the less appropriate setting of the library. 
Splurge ($348):  When it comes to cowboy boots, Frye knows what they’re doing.  My favorite is the Carson Pull On Boot.  Rugged, durable, yet also feminine, this modern take on the cowboy boot is perfection.  The vintage antique leather can be slouched or even cuffed for multiple looks.

Steal ($32.80):  These Distressed Leatherette Cowgirl Boots by Forever 21 feature the same antique leather, almond toe, stacked wooden heel and pull tabs as the Fryes.  The extra stitched pattern on these cute boots is an added bonus! 

Finally, there’s the boot everyone’s been raving about, the over the knee.  While great in theory, flattering over the knee boots are triiiicky to find.  The crazy high rise, scrunched leather OTK boots you see celebs prancing around in are better suited to trendy escapades in LA.  For a normal day or night in Claremont, I prefer the sleeker version of the OTK pioneered by Stuart Weitzman, which feature a half leather half fabric style that conforms to your leg, making anyone look long, lean and model-esque. 

Splurge ($595):  Behold, the boot that started it all.  The 5050 by Stuart Weitzman is a celebrity favorite, and everyone from Leighton Meester to Lindsay Lohan to Angelina Jolie has turned these boots into a fashion staple.  They look great with skinny jeans as well as jeggings or tights, but beware that any sort of straight leg or less than skinny jean will look scrunched and awkward.


Steal ($61.89):  The Eiffel Knee-High Boot by Wanted looks practically identical to the 5050.  Even the pattern of the sole is similar! These beautiful boots provide lots o’ style without breaking your bank account.  

We all know that finding the perfect boot is rather daunting. For those lovely ladies who share my dreams of adding more chic to the 5-C’s: solidarity, sisters. Together we will bring style into this bubble, one boot at a time.  



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