Kristina McOmber

Name: Kristina McOmber
Birthday: September 5, 1990                 
Major: Biology
Hometown: Suburbs of San Francisco
Hobbies and interests: Being outdoors, rock climbing, scuba diving, music, plants and animals, taking photos, dancing at parties, kissing, wearing dresses, beating boys at things they think they're good at
Where to find Kristina around campus? Biology study lounge or the On-The-Loose (OTL) office (although right now she is studying abroad in Queensland, Australia)
Favorite weeknight party? “Tough, I typically don't drink on weeknights at Pomona, but here in Australia I love Cheap Tuesday's at the Uni Bar.”
Favorite Coop snack? Cupcakes and quesadillas
Dream job? Marine biologist
Best pickup line? “If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”