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Zhanah Wyche ’16: Community Facilitator at Point Park

Photo by Jake Owens

Zhanah Wyche, a sophomore Musical Theater major, is a performer, a Community Facilitator and a full-time student. While balancing all these things and attempting to maintain her social life, Zhanah has a full plate. Her Campus’s very own Jake Owens sat down with Zhanah to see exactly what it’s like to balance all these things, what it’s taught her, and where she’s going from here.

JO- Where are you from?

ZW- Harker Heights, TX

JO- What was the transition to Pittsburgh like?

ZW- It was very weird, because it was not planned. I was gunning on getting into a school in Texas, and things happened, and I randomly made the decision to come to Pittsburgh.

JO- What first sparked your interest in musical theater?

ZW-All throughout my life I wanted to be a doctor- an obstetrician gynecologist. My sophomore year of high school I started doing theater work. I just realized I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing and I realized performing is what I love doing. It’s great.

JO- What upcoming shows are you involved in?

ZW- Phedre. I’m auditioning for CLO and I’m auditioning for the Broadway Dreams Foundation in August.

JO- What sort of time commitments are their when you’re involved in a show?

ZW- Normally you go throughout your day, you have a small 2 hour span to eat, wash up, get ready, and most of your night is taken up.

JO- What are the pros and cons of being a COPA student and being a CF (at the same time)?

ZW- It is a challenge, and I love challenges. You learn to use your time wisely. It’s a balancing act. Musical theater and theater in general is a whole different kind of career. I’m dealing with all of my “everything”. It’s different.

JO- What made you want to become a CF?

ZW- I really love people and the thought of being able to bring a brand new group together in some way.

JO- What has being a CF taught you?

ZW- That I have excellent time management skills now, and that I am capable of being a leader when necessary! But I’m also capable of adapting to different people and circumstances and backgrounds.

JO- How do you balance rehearsals, school work, your responsibilities as a CF, and your social life?

ZW- By the grace of my planner! I’m in love with my planner and I use it wisely. I’ve learned from last semester I have to take some sort of time to myself. Whether it’s Starbucks, or the gym for an hour and a hot shower afterwards. It’s all about taking care and loving yourself, or else you’ll go crazy.

JO- Has it been hard to maintain your social life?

ZW- Well, yes. Because a lot of my friends live in Oakland, and going out there doesn’t look good on me. It’s been rough but manageable.

JO- Do you have any time management tips for students with a full schedule?

ZW- Planner! Planner, planner, planner. Get your planner and make sure you plan time to take for yourself. But also, always handle the big things, the things you look at and say “I don’t wanna do,” handle them right there.

JO- Has your experience being a CF and being involved in musical theater influenced your post-graduation plans?

ZW- Sort of! I think I really believe it’s important to set yourself your apart. Yes, I can perform, but yes I have other skills. 

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