Why We Miss 2006

Did you bring SexyBack? Were you TOTALLY like into High School Musical? 2006 was a pretty awesome year for a lot of things. No matter if you were just starting high school or still an awkward 6th grader- there was so many awesome memories with 2006. Its been 10 years since 2006 and things just aren’t the same. Kim Kardashian is now a household name and no longer Paris Hiltons sidekick.  Talking about Paris Hilton… IT’S BEEN 10 YEARS SINCE PARIS HILTON’S DEBUT ALBUM. Miley Cyrus dropped Hannah Montana, become a twerking pop icon and now is a judge on The Voice. Yes, a lot has changed. Feeling nostalgic yet?  If we could get a time machine for a day we totally would go back, but for now let’s look back on the year that rocked our world. Here is why we miss 2006! Sad face emoji! (which weren’t a thing in 2006)


AIN’T NO OTHER MAN CAN STAND UP NEXT TO YOU!! Oh wow what a song! Yes Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man” was one of the greatest moments in 2006. The infectious beat, her vocals and the throwback vibe made the song a pop classic. The album Back To Basics, ushered in a new era for ‘Baby Jane.'  Jazz, funk and soul were the inspiration for the pop diva. The album also featured  hits “Hurt” and “Candyman."

“That’s Hot”. Who could forget that Paris was EVERYWHERE THIS YEAR. She was what Kim Kardashian is now. Did we also mention Kim Kardashian was Paris’s sidekick? YES. Paris Hilton is the reason Kim K is here. Sorry. Also, check out her iconic hit “Stars Are Blind” from the same year.

February 5th 2006. Seahawks vs Steelers. Steelers win 21-10. The Pittsburgh team racks up their 5th Super Bowl tying for most wins with the 49ers and Cowboys. If you were from Pittsburgh, you remember this day. There were tears, screaming, and more tears. Happy tears of course.

Iconic. That’s all.

Any film with Meryl Streep is bound to me good, however, The Devil Wears Prada was EXCELLENT. Starring Anne Hathaway along her side, Meryl Streep starred as  tough fashion icon Miranda Presley who didn’t take no for an answer. This film is the reason why people understand and respect fashion so much today. As Miranda would say…. groundbreaking.

I mean do we really miss this? No. However we literally couldn’t escape it. Hollister was EVERYWHERE. If you didn’t own something from Hollister – YOU WERE BASIC. Wow have the tables turned.


Justin Timberlake’s biggest career moment to date. “Sexyback” was dance driven, energetic and head of its time. It was everywhere and we didn’t care. The song could not leave our head. The single is still a stable on pop radio today and sounds just as fresh as it did in 2006. Pop truly at its finest.

Zoey 101 was at its peak in 2006. We all wanted to attend PCA. We all wanted to know what was going on with Chase and Zoey. WERE THEY IN LOVE? We will never know! (but we think yes!) The show ended in 2007… but we wonder why……

“Hips Don’t Lie” all makes us feel some sort of way. A truly magical experience. You know if this is played at club we will be dancing like nobody's watching. This was the song that launched Shakira into international superstardom. The Latin flare mixed with a hypnotic dance beat made this a true classic. 2006 wouldn’t be the same without it.

We truly got the ‘best of both worlds’ when Hannah Montana launched in March 2006. The Disney Channel television show was a worldwide obsession with young star Miley Cyrus becoming an overnight icon . Miley Stewart (Cyrus ) was a normal girl by day and teen popstar Hannah Montana by night? What’s there not to love? Hannah Montana ushered in a new era of pop music and teen idols. Today, Miley Cyrus is about as controversial as Madonna but we all know Hannah is still in there.

Before Amanda Bynes became America’s favorite train wreck, she was a talented actress with a bright future. She’s The Man was a career highlight for Bynes and her signature film. Who could forget her as Sebastian Hasting? “Do you like cheese?”. It had as all dying! The film also started Channing Tatum before he became a Hollywood heartthrob. We miss you Amanda, please comeback soon.


TOTAL REQUEST LIVE! The golden age of MTV when still played music and not shows about pregnant teens (wow the good days). TRL was a music countdown that featured the most requested music videos by viewers each day. The show also featured live interviews, performances, and premieres. Though the show didn’t start in 2006, it was at its peak that year. With videos like Nelly Furtado's “Promiscuous” featured on the video countdown, TRL was everything. The show ended in 2008 with despair all around the world. It was a stable for so many people and their childhoods. It is simply MTV’s most culturally important television show to date and is one of pop culture’s fondest moments. R.I.P TRL. We still miss you.

We’re all in this together! The Disney Channel television musical was a phenomenon that one expected. It all made us want to pursue theater in high school and college as well. Who could forget sassy Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) or that it launched the career of mega-star Zac Efron? The film became the most successful television movie of all time and its soundtrack was the best-selling album of 2006. Not too bad for some ‘Wildcats.’  High School Musical still holds a special place in our hearts to this day.  

Today Fergie makes random singles like “Milf Money” and “LA Love”, but in 2006 she was the hottest thing in the world. Her #1 single “London Bridge” launched her album debut album The Dutchess into our atmosphere. The Dutchess was released in the fall of 2006 to rave reviews and hype. The album would become one of the best-selling female albums of all time and featured 5 #1 hits . Fergie was inescapable. She was on every radio, tv show, and award show. Growing up wouldn’t be the same without her and the impact The Duchess had. Who could forget trying to remember the raps of  “Fergalicious” and sing along to “Glamorous?”

Britney. Paris. Lindsay. One picture. The most iconic photo taken in 2006. We will never forget.

Who could forget the iPod? There was the classic, the nano, and the shuffle. SAY BYE BYE TO THAT WALKMAN (shout out if you know what that is) . They were handheld MP3 players that you could put all your favorite songs and albums on to. It was there for us when no one else was. When we were having a bad day? We grabbed our iPod. When we had a first crush? We grabbed our iPod. It was a part of us. Today all music is on our cell phones and through streaming. The joy of going to the iTunes music store and searching for hours picking just the right songs is gone. It was some of the greatest memories growing up and we will always cherish them. If you still have your iPod. Keep it and don’t lose it. It was your best friend growing up. Who would want to lose their best friend?

2006 really was THAT YEAR. So many great movies, songs, and memories came from 2006. It will always be the best year of the early 2000s. So who wants to find that time machine now?