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Who Let These 2011 Bops Become Underrated?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

For most of us, when you hear “Firework” by Katy Perry or “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine, you lose all sense of control and jAM OUT LIKE NO ONE’S WATCHING! But why does it take a prom or a throwback night at a club for us to realize these gems in music history? Well, slap on those over-the-ear headphones and get ready to rock around your dorm because we’re taking it back to 2011 and reminiscing on some of the best bangers in history.

Bottoms Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)” – Trey Songz

Now that I have your attention with our girl Nicki and Mr. Steal Yo Girl, how did you forget about these?! This was the song that in high school someone requested it and the floor went  w i l d  until the DJ realized the grind train he started. But homecoming dances aside, this song with Trey Songz is such a good way to start our reflection on 2011, as this came in at 64 on Billboard Top 100 that year. We can only keep getting better from here, so make sure your makeup is finished because we are going out.

“What the Hell” – Avril Lavigne

Avril always brings out the emo-punk-pop phase in us that she started. With earth-shattering records like “Sk8er Boi” (2002) and “Girlfriend” (2007), “What the Hell” was the best edgy-love song on the market. At least 1 in 3 girls and/or boys HAVE to admit to listening to this while going through the “I don’t like them– it’s not like that!” crushes. Do not lie, this is 2011, some of the most raw emotion periods in music history came from this year (credible source: me). One last perk of this song: the keys at the beginning and through the song could definitely be in a Shrek film.

“Like a G6” – Far East Movement feat. Cataracs and Dev

This song would be great for those montages in movies where the characters are in a club and are living it up, losing track of time– like in We Are Your Friends (2015). This is a very upbeat, techno jam that rolled in at #72 back in the day, but I think it has gotten better with age. Also at #58 was “Rocketeer” feat. Ryan Tedder. Far East Movement has pushed out a few singles this year, but they definitely peaked 7 years ago.

“You Make Me Feel… (feat. Sabi)”– Cobra Starship

Digging this out of the music archives at #48, Cobra Starship! The early 2000s were really trying to be original with their band names, just saying. Anyways, today there are a few people who remix this song every once in awhile, but the original is just as good as it needs to be. I would add this to playlists for a party, pool parties, card game night, bedroom dance parties; I feel like it is a universal song that deserves it’s place on your next playlist.

“Dynamite” – Taio Cruz

I distinctly remember coming home from school and going on Youtube to watch this music video constantly. This song also played at least three times a night at my local roller skating rink. Taio would be upset if he found out you were SLEEPING on his contribution to the music industry, so sing all of the words like I know you know on that next commute to class.

“Raise Your Glass” – P!NK

This is one of P!NK’s brightest scores she has ever written, fact. She also pulled out a very cool music video for this banger. P!NK was such a powerful girl icon in the early 2000s, breaking the “pretty, pretty princess” standards in pop and just become the biggest bad a** for her time.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” – Black Eyed Peas

If I had the dedication and patience, I would build a Black Eyed Peas SHRINE. They added some of the most classic pop/techno beats in American music history. “The Time (Dirty Bit)” (2010), “Boom Boom Pow” (2009), “Imma Be” (2009), need I go ON? Will.i.am was how I learned how to spell William, Fergie was a girl icon, Taboo was in the band, Apl.de.ap brought the stage presence; guys seriously. Get on that level of music TALENT and PRIDE.

“Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & Goonrock)” – LMFAO

LMFAO was the biggest dance music duo ever; no one has ever topped their artisanship. RedFoo had to have inspired men and women everywhere to go out and live their best life! (Skyblu may have done something, but he disappeared from the scene too early). Every high school, college, club, cruise, office, factory, etc. probably blasted this song from Friday after 5pm to Sunday at 3pm. I personally love LMFAO and this song because they can hype yah girl up better than anyone else.

I hope that with the factual evidence brought up in this article, everyone in 2017 can learn to appreciate our roots in bops. If you are already a music-intellect, my good friend made a playlist for his 2011-themed radio show episode on WPPJ 670AM called Radio Somewhere (tune in every Sunday 11pm to 1am to hear more of his genius!). You can access that playlist here.

If you’re NOT a music intellect, don’t worry there is hope for you yet! Please share this article to a friend or group chat to remind them that 2011 is always watching and wants you to play its music louder.

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