Ways to Avoid Finals Week Stress Eating

It may be hard to believe, but finals week is quickly creeping upon us! Our professors have bombarded us with final projects, presentations, and papers, not to mention those dreaded final exams. Just like our last leg of the semester snuck upon us, so has the stress.

When we’re stressed, it’s easy for us make a beeline to the kitchen and indulge in snacks we probably should not. But does that pint of Ben & Jerry’s or that leftover Dunkin’ donut really relieve your worries? Stress eating not only ruins the healthy diets we try so hard to maintain, but also creates a vicious cycle: eat, feel guilty, stress more, and repeat.

Luckily, here are some tips and tricks to help us ladies keep our diets together through the last few weeks of the semester:

1. Eat this, not this

  • Frozen grapes instead of calorie-packed ice cream. These little sorbet-like treats are a gift from the gods. Not only will they satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt of ice cream, but they also take longer to eat so you’ll probably eat less. They are so easy to make, just rinse & dry them, pop them in the freezer for about two hours, and enjoy!
  • Almonds and pistachios are a great alternative to potato chips. These nuts have that satisfying, salty crunch with the added bonus of fiber and protein, making them the perfect brain food!
  • Instead grabbing chocolate or a candy bar, try a delicious Luna Bar! One of these tasty treats is just 180 calories and they are packed with all kinds of good things like protein, fiber, calcium and antioxidants. Luna Bars come in 13 different chocolate flavors, as well as a variety of fruit and nut flavors. Did I mention they have THIRTEEN chocolate flavors?

2.     Use the buddy system

Find a friend who is also trying to avoid stress eating and start a text-log. Every time you go to eat something, good or bad, text it to your friend. Not only can your friends encourage you to rethink that bag of Cheetos, but it will also make you more aware of what you’re consuming!

3.     Take away the temptation

If there are no junky snacks around you, you’re not going to eat them! It’s as simple as avoiding the purchase and cleaning out your junk food stash from your dorm.

4.     Lend yourself a hand- the wrong hand

Huffington Post’s blogger and psychologist, Susan Albers, says that switching hands while eating (if you’re right handed, eat with your left hand) is one of the easiest and most effective tricks to avoiding stress eating. You will eat much slower and bring much more awareness to what you’re eating.

5.     Use distractions

Distraction might be the last thing you need in right now, but sometimes you need them to help forget about the stress. Take a ten-minute stroll through campus, or spend a half hour at the gym- anything to stop you from picking up a fatty snack and to take your mind off your workload.

Good luck with all your assignments and exams, collegiettes- you got this!



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