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Tequila Cowboy: Pittsburgh’s Newest Hot Spot

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

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With the word “Tequila” in its name, Tequila is bound to offer you a good time.

Tequila Cowboy is Pittsburgh’s swankiest new go to bar and grill, and you are going to love it!  Tequila Cowboy opened up this past summer, and is located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, right by Stage AE, Heinz Field, and within walking distance to PNC Park, Tequila Cowboy’s themed country layout makes you believe you just stepped foot into Nashville. You don’t even have to get on plane. Look at that! 

The bar is divided by multiple bars, dance floor, and a karaoke room. Each room is packed with cute country boys and sexy women ready to dance. It even has a mechanical bull which is free to ride as many times as you’d like! YEEHAW! Country music is played throughout the night, however other genres can often be heard, for example Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” can sometimes be even heard here. Tequila Cowboy’s spacious and fresh environment makes it so much more special than other local bars around the greater Pittsburgh area because, I mean, you can actually move around in this bar. You can actually dance! That does not happen in Pittsburgh’s South Side bars. I repeat….THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN.

Photo credit: Marissa Rayes

Tequila Cowboy is clean, fun, and the staff is so friendly (unlike the rude employees at some certain other South Side bars that shall remain nameless). They greet everyone that walks into the bar, and thank everyone for coming out too! The drinks are affordable and yummy to boot! Tequila Cowboy will be especially crowded on Thursdays through Saturdays, so be prepared to wait in the line for a little if you arrive at peak hours. 

Photo credit: Tequilacowboy.com

Tequila Cowboy is HerCampus’s new favorite bar in the city. It’s such a welcoming environment and has a really unique feel.  Its dance floor is one of a kind and actually make you want to dance. By the way, you better brush up on your square dance skils! We recommend this bar and grill for a girls night out for sure. I mean, a place you can dance to Luke Bryan and Spice Girls at the same time? Count us in! We hope this establishment sees success for years and years to come! Now grab that bottle of tequila and let’s make a trip, shall we?

*Tequila Cowboy, and regular tequila, is for 21 and older collegiettes ONLY. They DO check IDs at the doors, so don’t even try. Just don’t. Wait like the rest of us. Your time will come young grasshopper. 


Brendan Dazen was born June 10th, 1994 in Pittsburgh, Pa. As a child he particapted in such activities as soccer, dance, theater, baseball, and singing. He grew up to love theater and music so much. He even landed a "Best Newcomer" award for Peters Township High School's theater department . He now attends Point Park University for Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management. He wanted to become a member of HerCampus because he wanted to share his thoughts and ideas of pop culture, music, and fashion with his campus, and hopefully other schools. Brendan has a strong interset in Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, sunflowers, fashion, adventutres, photography, concerts, and dance. He hopes in the future to be a production manager.
Casey McGaw

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