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Sweetest Treats in the ‘Burgh

We all have a major sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied and Pittsburgh’s got you covered.  Here’s a list of the top eight places to get sweet treats in the city that will switch up your usual Ben & Jerry’s from the closest convenience store:

Dream Cream Ice Cream

Since ice cream is the obvious go to when you get a craving for something sweet.  Located right downtown at 539 Liberty Avenue, this ice cream shop does more than sell delicious sweets.  Each ice cream flavor is related to a “dream” or cause, and a portion of your purchase goes to the cause connected with that flavor.  I don’t think you could possibly feel better about eating ice cream!

Sinful Sweets

What’s better than bacon?  Bacon entirely covered in chocolate.  That’s right, this chocolate shop features the classic breakfast favorite dipped in chocolate and is absolutely to die for.  If that doesn’t appeal to you (although, unless you’re a vegetarian, it definitely should), Sinful Sweets also sells a huge variety of other confections like cake pops, chocolate bark, truffles, chocolate pretzels, and much, much more.  Located at 901 Penn Avenue in downtown, this chocolate shop is the perfect place for anyone in need of chocolate therapy!

Milkshake Factory

It’s pretty self-explanatory what the Milkshake Factory sells.  Aside from milkshakes, you can just get plain ice cream as well as classic chocolate favorites, such as chocolate covered strawberries and a variety of truffles. I recommend getting a milkshake – particularly the dark chocolate raspberry milkshake – and getting a bag of chocolate Snappers to go.  These delicious shakes can be found at 1705 East Carson Street in the South Side.  

Grandpa Joe’s Candy

If you are looking for a candy store that will bring feelings of nostalgia from your childhood, look no further than Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop at 2124 Penn Avenue in the Strip District!  They sell airheads, gummy bears, satellite wafers, wax lips, Big League Chew, and essentially any candy bar imaginable – quite honestly, they basically sell every type of candy imaginable.  They also pride themselves having the largest glass bottle soda selection in Western Pennsylvania.  The best part of this candy store is definitely “the box” – you are able to pick any type of candy from the right hand wall of the store and stuff as much as humanly possible in a box for just five dollars.  Talk about a deal!

Klavon’s Ice Cream

Okay, I promise this is the last ice cream shop on the list, but it was too good not to mention!  Also located in the Strip District at 2801 Penn Avenue, Klavon’s features traditional favorites such as ice cream sodas, floats, and sodas.  The old-fashioned feel and appearance of the ice cream parlor definitely adds to the appeal, but the ice cream is just as incredible.  I recommend the Cookie Monster, an ice cream sundae with Cookies and Cream ice cream, Oreo cookie pieces, and topped off with hot fudge.

Peace, Love, and Little Donuts

This donut shop has been given the award of “Best Donut Shop in America,” for good reason.  This 70’s inspired donut bakery is located in several areas near Pittsburgh, including the Strip District, Oakland, Bethel Park, Cranberry Township, Hartwood, and Wexford.  The donuts are totally far out, with flavors like S’mores, French Toast, and Apple Pie.  My personal favorite is a toss-up between Raspberry Lemonade and Samoa.  And since these donuts are “little,” you can enjoy these sweet treats guilt free – right?  Well, until you end up eating a dozen donuts in one sitting because they’re so delicious.  

Prantl’s Bakery

The perfect place for all kinds of sugary confections.  Located in Market Square downtown and in Shadyside, this bakery is the go-to for Pittsburgh’s best cookies, pastries, and brownies.  If you’re looking for something for you and your friends to share, they also sell cakes, pies, and their famous burnt almond torte. It’s actually been dubbed the “Greatest Cake America has Ever Made” by the Huffington Post!  I’ve tried my fair share of cookies and pastries and have not have a single one that I didn’t like!

So there you have it: Her Campus Point Park’s official list of the best places to satisfy your sweet tooth in Pittsburgh.  Which one will you try first?

Alyssa Edwards, sophomore Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management major at Point Park University, Works part-time at American Eagle Outfitters.  Lover of cats, adventures, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and ballet. 
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