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Soylent is a meal replacement drink that has become pretty trendy lately. Many people seem to believe that they can survive solely on soylent while still getting all their daily needed nutrients. It is advertised as a quick and easy way to get nutrients on the go. It is easy to obtain and comes in a variety of flavors.

People have many different opinions on Soylent. Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times described the taste as “punishingly boring, joyless product,” while another reviewer described it as having a “rich, creamy, and surprisingly satisfying flavor”. Her Campus contributors, Jess and Mya decided to try Soylent for themselves to see if it is worth the hype.


Jess’s Thoughts

Honestly? I like it! I’ve tried a few different brands of this type of drink in the past, and Soylent definitely was not the worst. The flavor we chose was cafe vanilla, and I could definitely taste the coffee. It has a very thick consistency, but that’s to be expected from protein drinks. I also believe that it honestly works. It’s meant to be a meal replacement and it ended up keeping me full for hours after I finished it. Now, I’m not saying it’s delicious and I’m converting to a strict Soylent only diet. But, for what it is, it certainly isn’t bad. Worth a shot, I think.


Mya’s Thoughts

I didn’t like this at all. I haven’t tried any meal replacement drinks before this, so I can’t really compare this to any other drinks like it. However, I definitely wouldn’t try this again. The worst part for me was the taste. Usually things will have an aftertaste that is bad, but the weird thing with Soylent is that the initial taste was the bad part. It was really gross. The flavor was very strong and even though there was a faint coffee taste the drink was really strong and tasted kind of like chemicals in my opinion. I didn’t finish the entire drink so I can’t judge the ability of the drink to keep you full. I didn’t mind the texture, I actually enjoyed it, so I guess I would be willing to try a different flavor if it wasn’t something I had to buy. I definitely wouldn’t pay for it again.


Overall, you should try Soylent for yourself before making a decision on whether or not it’s worth the hype, but it seems to be a very polarized topic. Whether you hate it or you don’t, make sure you enjoy it before committing to the Soy-life for good.

Mya Burns

Point Park '21

Junior Multimedia student at Point Park University. I love writing, reading, and photography, and I hope to one day work for a fashion magazine like Elle UK or Cosmopolitan. I am bisexual and very proud of it; I'm also active in the community and am very interested in being as informed as I possibly can be about social issues and reform.
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