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Pros and Cons to Spring Break


Spring break is a concept that is look forward to by many. However, the spring break concept can consist of many different activities, making each “spring break” unique to every individual. Each individual has a different idea of what spring break will be. Some may want to explore winter activities because their breaks are early; some want to get as warm of weather as possible, exploring cruises and beaches across the globe; and others may want to relax and make some cash hanging out at home. Either way spring break has its very own pros and cons.



The pros of spring break are pretty obvious. The most obvious is a well-deserved break. Everyone needs a little bit of time away from homework and class. This break provides countless hours of relaxation, avoiding of all things that have to do with school, fun, and enjoyment. Spring break is a time of good eating, heavy sleeping, and completing as many fun activities as possible. Whatever your image of spring break is it is allowing you to become rejuvenated to complete your semester.



A major con to spring break is that this small break produces a large intensity of not wanting to return to reality. Spring break makes it incredibly hard to get back on track; it’s a tease. Making the journey back to reality worse is that after spring break the semester flies. This makes it nearly impossible to complete the tasks that you probably completely avoided for a whole week done on their assigned due dates. For those of us who go away for spring break, you also come back to reality more broke than ever. So not only do you get to rush to finish assignments, but you get to do so while starving.


In conclusion, like any break there are pros and cons. The best way to partake in spring break is to create a balance of work and play, so that coming back to reality doesn’t hit as hard as it could.  

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