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Pride: The 14 Greatest LBGT Icons Ever



There is nothing more than I love than my LGBT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender) community. All of us have faced hardships, but have come together to share a common message of love and acceptance. As Gay rights continue to break through, let us take a look at 14 icons that have helped the LGBT community everywhere!

14. Mariah Carey


13. Christina Aguilera


12. Miley Cyrus




11. Michael Sam


10. Britney Spears


9. Judy Garland


8. Freddie Mercury


7. Barbara Streisand


6. Madonna


5. Cher


4. RuPaul


3. Ellen Degeneres


2. Elton John



1. Lady Gaga



From her crazy stage show to her hit songs, Gaga is one of the most important gay icons of all time. She has been an supporter of the LGBT community since the start of her career and even started the LGBT foundation, Born This Way. She has been vocal about her support of the community and truly was the first pop star to really talk about gay rights and issues. Gaga we all love you!


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