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Point Park student creates chapter of Phi Beta Lambda

Brandon Rodgers is a freshman Business Management major here at Point Park University hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. Rodgers has a passion for business, and that passion he says pushes him to gain as many skills and experiences as possible, so that he may become competent and able to complete and accomplish his various pursuits.

It was these passions and dreams that lead Rodgers to become involved with Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) all four years of High School. FBLA has a college branch, called Phi Beta Lambda. Rodgers recently started a Phi Beta Lambda here at Point Park. Read below to learn more about Rodgers, Phi Beta Lambda and how you can become involved with Point Park’s chapter!


HC: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

BR: I consider myself a true scholar! I have a strong and unique passion for Business and Education that pushes me to gain as many skills and experiences possible, so that I may be competent in the various things that I wish to pursue and accomplish. On another note, I’m an adventurous person; I love to travel, explore the great outdoors, and hang out with friends. One day I aspire to own and manage my own businesses, continuing my work with non-profits, and become an educator or educational administrator on a secondary or collegiate level.


HC: What was your involvement with Future Business Leaders of America in high school?

BR: I was involved with Future Business Leaders of America all four years of high school. My senior year I was elected President. During that time, I tripled the size of our chapter’s membership from 71 members to 211 members, making us the largest chapter in the state of Tennessee and the 6th largest chapter nationally. My leadership and involvement with FBLA also allowed me to receive two college scholarships.


HC: What lead you to create a Phi Beta Lambda chapter on campus, and how did you go about this process?

BR: FBLA-PBL has been a big part of my life and I fell in love with the organization and all that it had to offer. Near the end of my senior year, I told myself that I would either create a chapter or be very involved in PBL at whatever college I chose to attend.


HC: Explain a little more about what Phi Beta Lambda is and what it entails.

BR: Point Park University Phi Beta Lambda is chapter of the world’s largest and oldest student business and professionalism organization! As a chapter, we like to focus on three areas – service, education, and progress. The mission of PBL is to bring business and education together in a positive working environment through innovative leadership and career development programs. Throughout the year, our chapter will host activities such as conferences and seminars, community service projects, business tours and trips, and social activities throughout the year.

Photo from www.fbla-pbl.org

HC: What are some misconceptions people may have about PBL?

BR: The biggest misconception that students have about Phi Beta Lambda is that it is a fraternity/sorority. Phi Beta Lambda is a non-traditional Greek letter organization that prepares students for business and professional careers. We are non-traditional in the sense that we allow both males and females, every student is eligible to join and we do not participate in stereotypical fraternity activities, such as hazing and wild parties. 

Picture from www.fbla-pbl.org

HC: What benefits can members receive from PBL?

BR: There are numerous benefits of joining Phi Beta Lambda! Some of those benefits include career preparation opportunities, leadership development, networking, scholarships and prizes, challenging competitions, exclusive publications, special discounts with various companies, school and community engagement and last but not least, friendship and fun!


HC: How can interested members go about joining PBL?

BR: Interested students have three ways to join! 

  1. Email me at [email protected] and I will send you an attachment of the membership application.
  2. Fill out our online application via PointSync located in the Phi Beta Lambda page/portal.
  3. Stop by the front desk of the School of Business (12th floor West Penn Bldg.) 

(The deadline to apply for full membership is Friday, November 11th – however email Rodgers for any questions or issues regarding membership)


HC: Is there anything else you’d like to add about yourself, or about Phi Beta Lambda?

BR: I personally believe that students who do not consider joining are not as serious or concerned about their future as students who do. I say that not to offend anyone, but the skills and experiences that Phi Beta Lambda has to offer (such as resume building, interviewing, and networking) are extremely valuable, beneficial and sought after. My belief in this prompted my decision to open the organization up to all students at Point Park, as opposed to just business students, as the former business club did.

Casey McGaw

Point Park

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