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Pittsburgh Style Spots: Number Fourteen

On the corner of Butler and 46th street in Lawrenceville stands a chic boutique, with gold bellhop carts and hanging chairs sporting the season’s latest looks. Pink and white paper flowers decorate the walls and there are no shortages of fun, flirty clothing, accessories and gifts.  

The space is home to Number Fourteen, the stylish boutique curated by Brianne Conley. Conley, a 2014 High Point University graduate, co-owns the boutique with her mom, Michelle Conley. Knowing from the time she started college that she wanted to open the boutique, Conley’s long-term goal became a reality this past October.

The name of the boutique stems from a number of things. It was the year Brianne graduated college (2014), she is one of four siblings, she and her boyfriend have been together since they were fourteen years old, Brianne’s boyfriend’s football number was 14, and the boutique opened its doors on October 14th, 2014.

Though Conley admits that Pittsburgh is often given a bad reputation, there was no other place that she would have rather opened the boutique.  Conley understands the charm that is within Pittsburgh, even though some areas may be missing that immediate curb appeal.

Number Fourteen’s charm is hard to miss, with unique, eye-catching displays for all merchandise.  The fitting room floor compliments you with “flawless, darling” spelled out in tiles and a beach bike is turned into a sink.

When asked where the inspiration came from for the look of the store, Conley said, “Well, like any other girl, I love Pinterest.”

Brianne and her mom have worked on a secret Pinterest board for years, harboring ideas that would serve as inspiration for Number Fourteen. Using the freedom to refurbish the space completely and their own imaginations, the Conley’s set out to create a light and airy space where girls can be girls.

“I love celebrating women being women so if you can have a space that is so girly and so fun why wouldn’t you? I want people to feel good when they come in here, so that is why there are compliments on my floor,” says Conley about the look of Number Fourteen.

When making the first buy for the boutique in June 2014, one of the biggest struggles was trying to figure out who the customer would be, says Brianne.

“Our biggest lesson was underestimating Pittsburgh’s fashion sense,” says Conley.

Setting themselves apart from the industrial, hipster look typical of Lawrenceville, the pair was slightly unsure of the exact style of merchandise to select. However, once the boutique opened and Conley was able to see what sold and recognized that girls loved the flirty, fun looks, she was able to go into the second buy with a much better perspective.

Conley puts a lot of work into the buying trips, researching new brands, reviewing line sheets, and determining the trends for each season, months before the season arrives. The merchandise is Conley’s main focus, overseeing every step of the process from buying to steaming and tagging the clothes to creating the whimsical displays and managing the social media channels.

“My biggest responsibility is staying current, which is hard to do when you are running a business, because there is so much back end [work],” says Conley about her role at the boutique.

When asked about her favorite aspect of owning Number Fourteen, Conley was unable to pick just one aspect.

“This is my dream job; I am doing exactly what I said I wanted to do,” said Conley.

E-commerce is the next big step in Number Fourteen’s growth, stepping beyond the streets of Lawrenceville.  One day in the future, she wants to open a separate menswear store, but for now Conley is enjoying working in the girly oasis of Number Fourteen.

As for advice on anyone else wanting to chase his or her dreams, Brianne says go for it.

“If it doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it’s not worth it,” says Conley. Good advice from a twenty-three year old in her dream career.  

Stop by Number Fourteen in Lawrenceville to see what’s new for spring and be sure to follow them on Pinterest and Instagram @no.14_boutique.

Number Fourteen

4601 Butler Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201



Sunday-Monday: Closed


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