Pittsburgh’s Finest: Boutiques and Vintage Stores

During my time in Pittsburgh I have been able to discover the best of the best through many trials and errors. Through this series titled “Pittsburgh’s Finest” I hope to share with you the finest Pittsburgh has to offer! The first edition of the series focuses on the best boutiques and vintage stores here in the Steel City. All too often we find ourselves shopping at the same stores and buying the same type of clothes. If you enjoy finding some one-of-a-kind pieces continue reading to check out where you need to be shopping!



1. Decade 

This south side store is filled with cool and creative Pittsburgh-themed t-shirts. Their shirts include designs for present-day events such as the Penguins Stanley Cup win as well as vintage looking designs for things such as Forbes Field and Three Rivers Stadium. Such a stylish way to represent this city! 

Photo courtesy of shopdecade.com

2. Boutique La Passerelle

Located right down the street from Point Park, this boutique is your go to for European styles. With fashion straight from cities such as Milan and Paris, this store is filled with chic and elegant pieces. Be warned though, it is a little pricy! 

3. No. 14 Boutique 

One of my all time favorite stores, No. 14 Boutique is located not far from downtown Pittsburgh in the Lawrencville neighborhood. With a light, airy, and quaint feel, the whole store provides a blissful atmosphere. If you love fashion this store is a must!

Photo by Rebekah Mohrmann

Vintage Stores:

1. Hey Betty

If you have a more eclectic sense of style, Hey Betty is where you need to go! Whether you’re searching for quality vintage jeans, ’70s retro t-shirts, or ’50s-style dresses, you’ll find it in this Shadyside store. They also have a great collection of vintage costume jewelry and accessories! 

2. Clothes Minded

Despite being more focused on pieces from designers such as Dior, Chanel, and Micheal Kors, this Bloomfield store still has very resonable prices. One of the newer spots on the vintage scene in Pittsburgh, they offer a great variety of unique pieces. 

3. Highway Robbery Vinatage

A favorite of my friends and I, Highway Robbery has some of the best vintage pieces around. Located on the South Side, this store caters to both men and women and has items from the 50s to the early 90s, including some really gorgeous vintage dresses.

Photo courtesy of lifespacepittsburgh.com