Photoshoot Spots in Downtown Pittsburgh You NEED to Visit

If you’ve lived in Pittsburgh all of your life or just moved here a month ago, I can bet that you haven’t seen at least one of these Instagram worthy photoshoot places. Let’s take a peek at my top 7 places to take pictures in our homey city:

1. Mount Washington – Grandview Avenue

Even though it's a popular tourist place, some people are really sleeping on Grandview Avenue! There are the main overlook ledges across the way that are breathtaking at every hour, but just down a dirt path next to the Duquesne Incline, there is a hidden view for all. An added bonus you ask? To your left stands a gigantic graffiti wall that is perfect for those edge-y, “it’s not a phase mom” moments.

2. Mellon Green Park

Found completely by accident, this park is the cutest! In the day time, the golden sun flows perfectly on to anyone at any angle. There is also an incredible fountain in the center that you could *probably* walk into??? Haven’t tried – definitely will soon.


3. The United Steelworker (USW) Common Area

This is an area behind the USW business building. The grassy-zone has a bunch of benches and a gazebo area that’s full of color. It’s really cute, small, and the time that I went, very quiet. 10/10 will go there again!

4. Strawberry Way

You may have been here on one of Point Park’s many scavenger hunts, but you have definitely not been here specifically for some model-status pictures. Everything is cute and colorful and worth the walk. Plus, we found out these tables can withstand jumps and dancing… Definitely knowledge to keep in mind for a later date.

5. Harvard-Princeton-Yale Ivy League Club

Also being a scavenger hunt spot, the Ivy League Club is quite intriguing. It has a beautiful arch way with lights across the patio and brick all around. The time we went to the club the patio was closed off, but the entry way is insane. This is a night time beauty and will help out any struggling Tinder profiles.

6. Mellon Square Park

Now this is a fountain that is on top of a parking garage, and it is seriously my happy place in the city. If I’m ever stressed, need space, or just want to be in the most calming place downtown, I will be here. Daytime, nighttime, ALL-TIME.

7. Gateway Center Park

This park takes you from Boulevard of the Allies to Stanwix Street, which is right across from the Point. First and foremost, this park has the DOPEST bench-chairs! They are half chair, half rocking chair!! What!! So cool. I was excited and so were my pals. You will be shocked the first time you sit down.

Hopefully when you have some free time from class and want to take some new pictures to show your #CITYPRIDE, take a walk with some friends and make some more college memories. Have a fun week guys, go be creative and tweet us some of your favorite shots at these places!