New School Year, New Warner: Meet Warner Music U!

   This year, Warner Music Group launched a rebrand of their college representative program. They recently introduced a new website, where you can see what new music Warner Group artists have out, and listen to and subscribe to the playlists they have on Spotify (we recommend The Syllabus, it’s the perfect back to school playlist). You can also see who Warner Music U’s representatives are, what they’re up to, and how you can become a representative yourself!

We sat down with Pittsburgh’s Warner Music U rep and Point Park student Ericka Thomas to talk about her position and the new rebrand.

Her Campus: Can you tell us a little bit about Warner Music U and your role as a representative?

Ericka Thomas: Warner Music U is the college marketing department for Warner Music Group, a major record label. There are around 40 college marketing representatives across the country. The college marketing offices are located in New York City, and our work is done remotely through reports, conference calls, video calls, and emails. I want the student body to know that I am the go to person for new music information. I help promote new music on and off campus, and I get to work with student organizations to help create events or provide giveaways. I also get to assist tours with before and after promotions the day of a concert.

HC: What’s different between the old Warner Music college program and Warner Music U?

ET: The program has not drastically changed but the brand of the department has. Warner Music Group College Marketing Representative is the old name for the department. Now I tell people I work for the Warner Music U department.

HC: How do you think the rebrand better appeals to college students?

ET: I think the rebrand appeals to college students because a lot of colleges use abbreviations for their school name. College students are familiar with the use of "U" being related to university. Plus it makes my job easier because saying "I work for Warner Music Group college marketing department" is a mouth full.

HC: In your opinion, what is the best part about the new program?

ET: The new logo is the best part of the rebranding of the department I work in. The logo looks similar to logos colleges would have. It is very simple and to the point.

HC: You are in your last year at Point Park and therefore will be moving on from your role. How can students apply for your position?

ET: When I graduate in December there will be a job posting on That is where you'll see which cities the company is looking for new representatives. On a side note, if you visit the site now you can be entered to win speakers, 6 month subscription to Spotify, and a turntable. All you have to do is follow one of the playlists. There's higher education (party, hip hop vibes), Syllabus: New Music New U (chill indie music) , and Let There Be Rock (rock music).

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