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New Music Tuesday: 5SOS’s Sounds Good Feels Good

5 Seconds of Summer released their highly anticipated sophomore album Sounds Good Feels Good on October 23rd, and it did not disappoint.  The new album consists of a darker sound then their first by having an underlying theme of brokenness, but continues to feature peppy, upbeat tunes with masterful lyrics.

The album opens with “Money,” a catchy song fueled with the spirits of staying young and having fun, and continues with “She’s Kinda Hot,” the bands smash single from the album. The third track, “Hey Everybody,” is all about the dream of striking it rich and escaping poverty, something us college students can relate to!

“Permanent Vacation” takes a page right out of Green Day’s playbook with poppy hooks and choppy guitars, while “Jet Black Heart” sets the pace for a transition to a smoother sound for the rest of the album. The next track, “Catch Fire,” is one of my personal favorites and seamlessly leads the album into a string of heartfelt songs such as “Safety Pin,” “Vapor,” and “Waste The Night.”

The band brings a rockier edge into the song “Castaway,” which is driven by drums and heavy guitar. The album then takes a serious turn with songs like “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” and “Broken Home,” the latter about a child growing up in an unstable household.

“Fly Away” discusses the hope of a perfect day, seemingly put near the end of the album to break up some of the more serious tracks. The album continues with the somber tone in “Invisible” but takes a total 180 with the next track, “Airplanes,” which is led by a soaring chorus.

Dominated by simplicity, “San Francisco” is a shift into the lighter side of the album with acoustic guitars. Sounds Good Feels Good is rounded out by “Outer Space/Carry On,” my favorite song off the album, which begins as a plea to restore a lost love and transitions into a message of hope for those struggling with brokenness.

Overall this album gives the band a more tried and true rock/pop punk sound they have been striving for and helps eliminate the pop stereotype they have been given since touring with One Direction. It is no doubt a major upgrade from their self-titled album, so make sure to check it out!


Rebekah Mohrmann is a Senior Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management major and Multimedia minor at Point Park University. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @rebekahxmarie. 
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