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My Top Anticipated Albums of 2018

2018 has the potential to be a huge year for comebacks and returns from hiatus in this year’s rumored to be upcoming albums. Here are just a few that I am most excited for, in no particular order.

The 1975 - Music for Cars

Following a complete departure from their first album, the 1975’s sophomore record saw them go into a more colorful, 80s synth pop style which was a lot of fun sonically and still lyrically very personal for lead singer Matty Healy. In 2015, the band’s social media accounts went dark for 24 hours before unveiling their new style, the same rectangle logo but in bright neon pink signifying a major change from the previous record. So what will the next style be? A return back to black perhaps or maybe something completely brand new? Whatever it is, hopefully we won’t have to wait until 1 June to find out.

Snow Patrol - Wildness

Seven years following Snow Patrol’s last release, Fallen Empires, finally comes new music from the Northern Irish/Scottish band. The teaser for this new album, released on January 29 of this year, shows lead singer Gary Lightbody on a raft in the middle of a body of water with nothing but a piano and some odds and ends items not unlike what you might find in your shed or garage.  As he tries to make a call, he becomes frustrated with the lack of service and tosses his phone down on the piano. Entitled “Wildness”, I’m not entirely sure how much the title and teaser are meant to play into the content or aesthetic of this album so we’ll just have to wait until May 25th to see what Lightbody and band have up their sleeves.

Arctic Monkeys

A long awaited return from the Arctic Monkeys is also expected in 2018. It’s been five years since the release of their record, AM which had such hits as “Do I Wanna Know?” and “R U Mine?”. Since then the band has taken some time to work on some side projects, lead singer Alex Turner did some touring with Last Shadow Puppets and drummer Matt Helders collaborated with Iggy Pop and others on Pop’s last album entitled Post Pop Depression. There had been some speculation with fans wondering if 2018 would be the year that the band reemerges at all, but that was quickly resolved once the band’s festival tour schedule came out. Along with the schedule also came a new logo design, which again has fans guessing as to the new direction album number six may have take. There’s no official release date yet, but I’m excited to hear what they’ve got up their sleeves.


It doesn’t seem that long ago since Bastille’s second LP, Wild World, was released but already that was back in 2016. There isn’t much to report on the status of the third studio album from this lot, but the last I read in October the record was written and they were about to start recording in a few weeks. This also isn’t the band to hold onto records for a super long time so here’s to hoping that, assuming it’s finished, we’ll be hearing more about it soon.


I’m decently curious what’s in store for Zayn’s sophomore album as it’s usually second records that make or break an artist. Zayn has also always been the one to kinda keep fans on their toes. He was the first to break away from One Direction and his first solo attempt ended up being a very mature pop/R&B record. I know I was surprised and I think a lot of people were too. Maybe they didn’t have a very high opinion of his musicality because to them he was “just another boy band member”, but he really proved himself on his debut and I’m interested to see what he’ll come out with next.

Childish Gambino


This future album seems to be highly anticipated also. Donald Glover has said that he wants to start working on some other projects, but he has one more Childish Gambino record in him. The only question is when? Redbone was a huge hit and I’d be interested if he continues in that path or completely changes it up for this final Childish Gambino record.

Between all the rumors and the anticipations, if all the albums come out that are expected to, 2018 is going to be a great year for new music.


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