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Music Artist & EP To Check Out: Ryn Weaver

If you enjoy Passion Pit, Betty Who, or Banks, newcomer Ryn Weaver is a must listen! On June 24th, the mysterious, little known singer posted a song to her Soundcloud titled “OctaHate.” It was an overnight hit. In the short time since it was posted, the track has garnered more than one and a half million plays, creating considerable internet buzz. Just over a month later, on July 31st, a second song titled “Promises” was added. On August 8th, her four track EP (also titled Promises) was released on iTunes, followed by Soundcloud four days later. The new artist has made quite the name for herself in less than three months, an achievement that makes her hard to go unnoticed. While there isn’t much information available on Ryn Weaver, it is known that her new singles, and ultimately the EP, were produced by several well known acts, including Charli XCX and Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit. This star studded aid is definitely apparent. Weaver’s music is fun, electric, and well written, with an overall sound filled with undertones relative to Passion Pit’s indie pop style and Charli XCX’s original vocals.

  • The EP opens with “Promises,” and instantly you can hear Angelakos’ influence in the synthetic pop chorus.

  • Next up is “OctaHate,” the singer’s first (and most popular) single release. Charli XCX’s influence greatly shines through, especially in the chorus. The artistic efforts are especially evident in this song, and there is no question why it’s the most popular of the four tracks.

  • Weaver’s third track is “Stay Low.” It starts simply and lets us get a real taste of the singer’s powerful voice. It has a beautifully soft electronic background that almost seems to sparkle.

  • Promises ends with “Sail On,” the most passionate of the 4 tracks. The song is a soulful goodbye to what sounds like a not-so-great love:

              “Well sail on

               Sail on, till you’re gone

               And then some

               With all your broken pieces, pieces”

       “Sail On” is poetic and leaves the listeners wanting more. It’s a great ending to a great EP.


Be sure to listen to Ryn Weaver’s new EP Promises, now available on Spotify and iTunes, and keep an eye out for a full length album!

Link to soundcloud page  https://soundcloud.com/rynweaver

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