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Morgan Mitchell ’17

Name: Morgan Mitchell

Major: SAEM

Graduation year: 2017

Hometown: Indiana, Pa

HC: What did you do for your alternative spring break?

MM: For alternative Spring break we did the Collegiate Challenge for Habitat Humanity, where different campuses get to go to a new place, while also giving back to the community. It was a week long trip, we arrived Sat. Feb. 28. Sunday and Monday were free days, and then Tuesday through Saturday were our work days. We were involved in tons of different tasks. Some of us were up on the scaffolding putting in siding on a two story house, while others were cutting the necessary materials or working on various other tasks on site. One of the more memorable days was when a few girls in our group were sent to clear out one of the lots of all it’s branches, vines, etc. Us girls completely owned mother nature that day, it was incredibly empowering!

HC: Why did you want to go on this trip?

MM: I wanted to go on this trip because I had also gone on the alternative spring break last year. The experience was amazing, and definitely one of my favorite parts of college. I saw how much our team could accomplish and how a group of strangers could work toward one common goal. I wanted another experience like that.

HC: Would you want to go back?

MM: Yes, I would definitely go back. That was my goal this year, to go on another trip and I’m so glad I did. The way I see it is that I could have gone home for a week and binge watched Netflix, or I could help a worthy cause and a family in need. The choice is pretty easy.

HC: How did this trip impact your life?

MM: This trip impacted my life in so many different ways. Seeing the need of others was definitely one of them. Being able to provide something as basic as my time to help get someone a house is an amazing thing. In my own life I’m very fortunate for everything that I have, so I’ve never really experienced need on such a personal level. The group also impacted me, I’ve gotten so close with all eleven participants that we have become our own small family.

HC: Is there anything you do differently?

MM: The only thing I might have done differently was to give the scaffolding another chance. Heights and I aren’t super cool with one another, so I wasn’t very keen on getting up there, but I know I probably should have!

HC: What was your favorite part outside of working?

MM: My favorite part outside of working was definitely going on a swamp tour and touching an alligator. We saw a wild alligator on shore in the distance and our tour guide pulled our little boat right on the shore next to it. Though a little terrifying at the time, it was an experience that I will never forget!

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