Meet Co-Campus Correspondent, Alexa Yanyanin

Photo credit: Alexa Yanyanin Facebook

HC: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

AY: I am a Junior Public Relations and Advertising major with a a rather large obsession with lipstick, Pittsburgh Penguins hockey and kittens. 

HC: What made you decide to become an AD/PR major?

AY: My entire life I wanted to be a journalist. I would religiously watch the Today Show every morning before school and wanted to travel the world delivering stories to the world. I changed my major to AD/PR my second day of my freshman year because I had a mini internal crisis after my journalism professor told me about how he once had a gun held to his head while covering an investigation. I chose the next best thing that would allow me to continue down a similar path, but without the fear of the whole "getting my head blown off thing." It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I love my major more than anything. 

HC: How do you feel Point Park has helped you achieve your career goals? 

AY: Even though I love breaking news around the world, my real love is sports. I’m from Pittsburgh, I bleed black and gold. Point Park has given me endless opportunities to work with different media outlets and volunteer with the professional teams within the city. That’s how I landed my internship with University of Pittsburgh Ice Hockey. It was all word of mouth. I'm also involved with the Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing which was founded by Mike Fetchko and Tom McMillan in 2011. Mike is the President of ISM-USA, a private marketing services company based in Pittsburgh and Tom is the Vice President of Communications for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Both of them have been mentors for me throughout my time here at Point Park. I am very lucky.

Photo credit: Alexa Yanyanin Facebook

HC: What is your dream job?

AY: Director of Communications for a professional sports team. 

Photo credit: Alexa Yanyanin Facebook

HC: How did you first become involved with Her Campus?

AY: Remember that journalism professor who was the voice behind my major change? He is a total advocate for our organization. He got me in touch with the Campus Correspondent at the time and the rest was history! 


HC: What is your favorite part about Her Campus?

AY: The fact that I can literally write about anything and everything. It’s very therapeutic. It’s an outlet for me, definitely. 


HC: What's something people may not know about you?

AY: I only name my pets after retired French Canadian hockey players and I always have a name ready in case I have a weak moment and adopt a kitten. Pascal Dupuis Yanyanin is up next.   

Yanyanin and her cat, Pierre Larouche. Photo credit: Alexa Yanyanin Facebook

HC: If you were a drink, what would you be and why?

AY: Cosmopolitan. Most Definitely. My alter ego is a part time model and a full time Manhattan socialite. 

HC: Anything else to add?

AY: Have I mentioned I really like kittens?