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Maroon 5 at Madison Square Garden

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Point Park chapter.

Friday, March 6th around 6:30 pm, an hour before the show was supposed to start, my friend Becky and I walked up to the box office at Madison Square Garden to try and see if any tickets were released for the Maroon 5 concert.

Well, it turns out that general admission PIT tickets we’re available right in front of the stage! Right in front of sexy Adam Levine! Could I get any luckier? I’m in the city that never sleeps on my spring break and now I am going to a sold out show in the world’s most famous arena. 

We instantly freaked out that we just bought basically front row tickets an hour before the concert, that doesn’t happen often! We then ran back to our hotel, which conveniently was right across the road to get ready! We had to take a minute to finally catch our breath after freaking out for a good 15 minutes.
Quickly we changed and got ourselves together and headed back to MSG. After making our way through security we headed to the front of the arena all the way up to the PIT entrance. Weirdly enough not many people were in the PIT area or arena for that matter so we found ourselves 2nd row from the catwalk!
NOWWWW, DRUM ROLL PLEASE:: the night to remember!
Becky and I at the concert by the stage! 
So the concert started with Rozzi Crane and the band MAGIC! opening to pump up the audience before Maroon 5! 
I captured the lead singer of MAGIC! in motion, which i thought looked like the dancing girl emoji 
Finally, it was time for Maroon 5 to rock out The Garden! 
Band member, James Valentine, rocks out on his guitar
Adam singing down the catwalk, capturing him the the right moment hitting a high note 
Adam playing with James long luscious hair, haha 
Notice the blue shirt he has on, well he through it out into the audience and I ended up getting a piece of that shirt he just had on his body… after people were fighting for it and then someone just started ripping it into pieces so everyone could have a piece!
The band members singing accapella to the beginning of Pay Phone 
And my attempt to take a selfie with Adam and James! 
Also fellow concert goers from our Point Park spring break trip, Angela and Nicki got in with us into the PITT area so we all got to enjoy the amazing view Adam Levine’s face and voice had to offer!!!
It was such an amazing concert and experience to get tickets that late and that close in MSG. It is definitely a day I will never forget! 
Freshman Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management Major at Point Park University. I tend to go to way too many concerts and hockey games. Social media girl for the @hcpointpark Twitter & Instagram. #HXCO
Lexie Mikula is senior Mass Communications major at Point Park University from Harrisburg, PA. Lexie held the position of Campus Correspondent and contributing editor-in-chief of HC Point Park from May 2014 - May 2016. In addition to social journalism and media, she enjoys rainy days in the city, dogs with personality, watching The Goonies with her five roommates (and HC teammates!), and coffee... copious amounts of coffee.