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Make The Most Of Your Time When Class Gets Cancelled

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Nothing is better than when a class gets cancelled, am I right or am I right? Since us college kids are so accustomed to spending every free moment during the day sleeping, why not try to change things up with this newfound free time? Here are the 5 best things to keep occupied when your professor cancels:

Catch up on homework: I know, I know, it sounds like a lame way to spend your free time. But spending just an hour or two working on those assignments you’ve been pushing off can be more helpful than you’d think! Before you know it you’ll be all caught up, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about on those nights before your biggest projects are due.

Watch your favorite Netflix show: We all love to sit down and watch a few episodes (or seasons) of our favorite show. I mean, is there any other way to watch TV? It might not be very productive, but it’s one of the best ways to relax and forget about the stress of your day!

Enjoy a nice lunch out with friends: Spending some quality time with friends is another great way to get away from your stressful schedule. A lunch date is the perfect way to catch up on your social gossip and get away from the bland cafeteria food.

Go to the gym: The ultimate way to de-stress is to hit the gym. Since your school probably has a gym open to all students, it’s a healthy and free way to spend your time. Utilize that hour off from class to get some exercise in, and you’ll thank yourself later! Not to mention, the gym is probably much emptier while classes are still in session, so you’ll have some equipment all to yourself. 

Give your dorm room some TLC: It’s not easy to keep a dorm room clean and well-organized, especially when it’s the size of a coat closet. It’s even harder when you’re sharing it with someone else. That’s why a little cleaning, reorganizing, and even redecorating will do your room (and your sanity) some good. Try cleaning off your desk, rearranging your closet, and hanging up a few new posters or pictures. As tedious as it may sound, the extra effort will pay off and you’ll get a fresh new perspective on your living space.

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