Life Lessons I Learned From Working at a Daycare

Even though it was part of my job to teach the kiddos, I learned a lot from them in return. Trust me, not everyday is all sunshine and rainbows. Nonetheless, the experience that I gained from working with children has benefited me in ways that I did not expect.



  1. Singing is sometimes more effective than yelling

Instead of yelling for 8 hours straight (which the kiddos didn’t want and I certainly didn’t want) I would sometimes sing to get their attention. I’m not a good singer, but it kept things interesting and didn’t strain my voice as much as shouting did. So maybe whenever you’re mad at someone, just sing to them. Sounds less aggressive, but is just as effective.


  1. Whales and Sharks still Slap

Whales, as in the cheddar snack. Sharks, as in the Baby Shark song (doo do do doo).


  1. We Are All Learning

If there’s anything I learned from daycare, it was patience. Built up anger will never benefit yourself nor those around you. Remember that everyone around you is still learning, even YOU are still learning. It’s not evil, it’s just part of being human.


  1. Take a deep breath and a sip of water

There are a million different methods to try to remedy stress. Sometimes it’s okay to go back to the basics. Whenever a kid was throwing a fit, I would ask if they wanted to go get a drink of water. By performing an action, you are able to distract yourself from the stress of the surroundings and focus on what matters. Inhale. Exhale. Take a drink of water.


  1. More compliments, more card-making, more cuddles

I loved working at a daycare because it was a place filled with love. It’s cliche and it’s silly, but we should all work to love each other more AND show the love through actions. Make cards for your friends. Tell the stranger you like her hat. Cuddle, but of course only if you have cuddle consent. Whatever you do, try to add a little more appreciation in your life for the people who surround you.