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Josh Croup ’18

Josh Croup is a broadcast reporting major who has made it a priority to get his feet wet while he is a freshman here at Point Park.
Organizations: U-View, WPPJ, Sports columnist for the Globe, Point Park Sports Network play by play, honors student organization Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing Student Advisory Board, intramural sports – flag football and basketball, and a rugby club reporter
HC: When did you first want to be a broadcaster?
JC: Sixth grade. I went on my elementary schools TV station for a trivia show where we asked a teacher a question and we had to try and stump him. That was really fun and the person in charge of the TV studio recruited me to be a part of the TV studio staff for the following year and I ended up being crew chief and was in charge of that. I was the leader of the TV staff. That’s when I knew I wanted to do this. Even younger, I would do my own play by plays to games.
HC: What is your dream job?
JC: an ESPN Sports Center anchor
HC: You seem prepared. Any internships lined up for this summer?
JC: I do. A broadcast production internship with the West Virginia Power baseball team. The class a affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates. 
HC: What’s your broadcasting specialty?
JC: Sports broadcasting would be my specialty. Play by play sports broadcasting if you’re getting very specific. 
HC:What’s your favorite sport?
JC: Favorite sport to play- basketball and favorite sport to follow- baseball
HC: Who is your journalistic idol? 
JC: Brian Williams (off the record) and Edward Murrow because I love his ability to be descriptive and he was a real journalist. He just gave the facts as they were, and he’s somebody anybody going into this field should know. 
HC: How do you feel point park has helped you so far?
JC: Some of the people I’ve met here have really helped me so far. Tom McMillian and Mike Fetchko have probably helped me the most so far. And being in the middle of Pittsburgh just opens me up to so many opportunities. I was able to travel to San Diego this past December for Baseball Winter Meetings. I wish Point Park had a music program though. 
Keep an eye out for Josh on campus and in the Point Park media! You can also check out his website here
Junior public relations and advertising major @ PPU | hockey enthusiast, crazed cat lady, lover of life, spontaneous world traveler | Forever a Naked Brothers Band fan & the future BFF of Gregory Polanco.
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