It's Fall

Do you remember the 21st night of September? Well I certainly do, and not just for the catchy song that we all know and love by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

While the majority of you know why I made this reference,  mostly because of the article title, let me spell it out for our friends who haven’t noticed the sudden drop in temperature like the dropping colorful leaves: At midnight of September 21st, it is officially…(drum roll please)... FALL!!!

Yes, it is now the season for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and the greatest color scheme ever created. However much we love fall, sometimes we feel bombarded with feelings of uncertainty as to what to do first in the most wonderful season of the year. So, if you are looking for ideas, here is a list of 5 things that any common white girl would do now that it is officially fall.

1. Get yo-self a Pumpkin Spice Latte

If you just read this statement, you might be thinking “why should I get a pumpkin spice latte? Starbucks has had them out for weeks!” Well, contrary to what Starbucks wants you to believe, fall did not start three weeks ago. Fall begins NOW (sorry Starbucks). Therefore, just like any new season of life, why not bring in the season with a toast. And, what better way to give a toast to the new season than with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

2. Speaking of Pumpkin, it’s time to stock up on Bath and Body Works

It is not enough to taste the flavor of fall. Oh no, you need to smell like fall too. The only acceptable way to do this is to go to Bath and Body Works and stock up on scents. That’s right ladies, I’m talking about “Champagne Honey and Apple” perfume, “Sweater Weather” lotion, “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” Soap, the works. If they have any scented product that’s labeled in orange, red, or gold, you need it this season.

3. Speaking of Scents… It’s time for CANDLES

Now that is starting to get a little chilly outside, your home is going to need some warm ambience. What better way to give this effect than with a new scented candle? Whether you purchase one from a local artisan or settle for a cheap one from Walmart, nothing is more befitting in your home this season than a nice, welcoming scented candle.

4. Guess what… You need some new sweaters!

Fall goes by another name, and no it is not “harvest time” or “Autumn.” I’ll give you a hint, it’s a Bath and Body Works scent...That’s right! SWEATER WEATHER! It is time to break out some sweaters. Now, you can settle for a Boujee Target Sweater or you can be a purist and go thrifting for the biggest and jankiest Old Man Sweater. Yet, regardless of your specific tastes, get yourself a sweater. It’s the only way to “wear the season” and, let’s be honest...It’s going to get cold out there.

5. Last, but not “Leaf”... That’s right, ENJOY THE LEAVES

Not only is fall one of the most aesthetically pleasing seasons, but it is one of the most naturally beautiful seasons. Go outside, enjoy the weather and the colors that, in reference to the movie Big Eyes, “only God could paint.” Whether this might mean you taking pictures with your friends for Insta or simply reading a book in a park, go out and enjoy the season.


So, now that you are equipped for this new season, go out and enjoy it in the best way possible: the common white girl way. And while you do that, I’ll keep racking my brain for tips because P.S. - winter is coming.