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How To Stay Motivated After Spring Break

Ahh spring break! While many spent their break in the snow, there is no doubt that any break from school is heavenly. The hardest thing to do is to prevent permanently checking out your brain for the last few months of class after the break. Here are some ways to keep motivated after spring break:

1.) Eat Healthy and Exercise

We are all guilty of splurging a little on our diets during break. As soon as you get back to school, regulate a healthy and balanced diet and sort out time during the week to hit the gym. This will be the heartbeat for your success in the coming weeks by keeping your energy levels up and focus aligned. 

2.) Organize Your Calendar

Take a peek ahead at your class syllabus. Be prepared for what is coming up in class when you get back, and make sure you have your materials ready. Keep and organize a planner or calendar of all of your upcoming events and assignments for the next few weeks so you’ll be sure to remember!

3.) Regulate Your Sleep

During spring break, it is totally acceptable to change your sleep schedule up depending on all of the fun things that were planned. However, when it’s time to hit the books again, maintaining a regular sleep schedule will play a huge part in staying focused during your classes.

4.) Make a Count Down

Sometimes, just reminding yourself about how close you are to finishing the semester is the key to keeping up your motivation after spring break. Craft up a little countdown board, or cross off the days on your calendar! Remember, each day crossed off is a day closer to summer!

5.) Make Plans for Summer

Have plans for summer yet? Making plans for summer could help keep you motivated the rest of the semester by giving you something to work towards. Once the semester is done, it will be time to have fun in the sun! 

Inevitably, the week after spring break is the worst to get back into the swing of things, but by following these tips and staying focused, the semester will go by in no time! 

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Allie Duda

Point Park

Allison (Allie) Duda is a sophomore Mass Communications major. She loves all aspects in the media, and hopes to dabble in all of it someday. In her free time, she enjoys going to museums, doing freelance photography work, spending time with loved ones, shopping, and watching tv/films. Check out her website at www.allisonduda.wordpress.com
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