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Fall Fashion on a Budget

Now that fall is in full swing, it is time to switch up your attire for the cooler months! With a changing season comes new fashion trends and being a college student on a budget should not mean your wardrobe has to suffer. Throughout this article, you will learn where to find the hottest fall trends without breaking the bank.

The Trends:


Nothing says fall quite like a brand new flannel! This item is a must have. Flannels are great because they are soft, comfortable, and keep you warm.

Dresses with knee socks

Who says you can’t wear dresses in the fall? Trade in your summer maxi and flip flops for a comfty t-shirt dress and knee socks! This combination is girly and feminine, but still cozy for those cooler days.

Riding boots

You’re going to need a cute pair of riding boots to compliment that dress and knee socks! Riding boots are a must have for the fall season because they are durable in the colder weather, but still fashionable.

Oversized sweaters

For those days when you’re running late to class, an oversized sweater and leggings will become your BFF. Cute and cozy is the goal here, friends.

Chunky scarves


A scarf ties every autumn outfit together. If you live in a state where the weather gets extremely cold, you can never have enough chunky scarves in your collection.

Where to Get Them:

JCPenney – This department store has all of the current fashion trends at very reasonable prices.

Forever 21 – Finding a brand new fall wardrobe has never been so easy! Forever 21 literally has everything you would ever need to own fall 2015 at unbeatable prices.

H&M – This trendy retail store, started in the UK, has extremely unique pieces at low prices.

Charlotte Russe – CR stays up to date with the current trends, while giving its customers excellent deals! If you shop during their happy hour discounts, you will never want to shop anywhere else ever again.

Target – Let’s all be honest with ourselves. Target is our weakness. They have absolutely everything you will need to put together the ultimate fall outfit.

We hope you enjoyed our fall fashion tips and got some ideas to slay this season. Happy shopping!

I am a twenty year old Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management major at Point Park University. I am a huge music lover and frequent concert goer. Obsessed with the Jonas brothers, lipstick, statement necklaces, and Starbucks. You can find me at a concert or traveling.
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