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This article was written by Olivia Gilpin

Wow, where in the world did summer go? Gone are the dog days of summer and the cool days of fall are quickly approaching. Bringing with them college football, the fall drinks at Starbucks, and breaking out that cold weather wardrobe! Here’s some clothing must haves to thrive in the fall!



I know, I know this one is such a cliché, but I seriously could not survive the colder months without my UGGs! They come in so many styles and colors that almost anyone can find a pair for them. Pro tip though, DO NOT WEAR THEM IN THE SNOW OR RAIN. UGGs will water spot and look horrible if they get wet. However, UGG does sell a cleaning and conditioning kit to make the boots look normal again.


Every girl needs a good pair of boots. Whether this is a pair of leather riding boots, a cute pair of booties, or a sexy pair of heeled knee high boots, boots should be a staple item in a girls closet during the colder months. Boots made this list because they are a stylish way keep your feet and legs warm but to also be able to keep your outfit on point!



Scarves are the most versatile item on this list! They are so stylish and help keep you warm during this time of year. You can style them so many different ways from, wrapping them around your neck to using one to tie your hair back! 


Beanies are probably my favorite item on this list! I’m a hat person year round, but I wear a cap all spring and summer so by the time the fall rolls around I’m ready for a change. That’s when I reach for my beanies. Beanies are a cute way to hide that bad hair day but also keep your head and ears warm. 


Oversized Sweaters

These are a must have for a chilly day when you just want to feel warm and cozy. Oversized sweaters are essentially the equivalent of being wrapped up in a blanket the entire day. Pair them with jeans and boots for a cute look or pair them with leggings and comfy shoes for those lazy days!


Every girl has that hoodie that they would live in if they could. I personally have multiple hoodies that I wear year-round. During the fall months I throw on a t-shirt and a hoodie with jeans or leggings. Hoodies are perfect because on those days where it’s cold in the morning but hot in the afternoon you can just throw on a hoodie in the morning then take it off when you get hot in the afternoon. 

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