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As a college freshman coming from a private high school where uniforms were required, I’ve never been more excited about clothes, ever. Dress code? Where? Getting written up for wearing sweatpants under your uniform skirt? What uniform skirt? It’s great. 

While I am enjoying my new freedom to express myself through my outfit choices, perhaps my favorite part is seeing what other people are wearing and complimenting them on their outfits (or silently judging them and i oop and i oop sksdkdkgsjfns). Since it’s fashion week and Pittsburgh doesn’t observe this holy week of art and expression, I decided to observe it myself and to document the outfits I see on campus as one should. After all, every week is fashion week at PPU. 

Look #1 (On Left)

What are you wearing?

“This [the shirt] is from Forever 21 and the thing under is from Forever 21 too”

Pants: Zumiez

Shoes: Doc Martens


Why did you wear this outfit?

“It’s black, I like all black or all white outfits.”

Her friend: “Same, put that for me too”

“And I dress like a lesbian, a goth lesbian.”


 How does this outfit make you feel?


 Ig: @em.halstead


Look #2 (On Right)

What are you wearing?

“This shirt is from a bar, it’s called No Regrets bar in Vegas. The pants are thrifted grandma pants, I think Old Johns Bay or whatever.” 

Shoes: Dr.Martens Jadens


Why did you wear this outfit?

“I like to wear black and white, the pants were funky and kind of studious. I like looking studious but slutty; that’s my style, studious but slutty.” *laughs*


How does this outfit make you feel?

“Pretty damn good, I feel great.”

Instagram: @elainawalters

Look #3

What are you wearing? 

“Vintage overalls a black and white crop top and really dirty Adidas [superstar]”


Why did you wear this outfit?

“I have work in the paint shop”


How does this outfit make you feel?

“Idk, creative?”

Ig: @faith_lennon

Look #4

What are you wearing?

“I have no idea, my shoes are Adidas for sure”


Why did you wear this?

“Well, I love these shoes and these shorts keep me nice and cool and they have little specks of yellow and blue in them, and the shirt has yellow and blue. And then there’s green in the shirt and I got green in the sunglasses.


How does this outfit make you feel?

“It makes me feel like summer’s not over yet.”

Look 5

Didn’t have time to ask/answer questions.

Shoes: Nike

Bucket Hat: Nike Jordan

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