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DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Don’t have time to get a manicure before Valentine’s Day? Shamelessly deck out your nails yourself in girly pink, hearts and sparkles! Here are ten different out-of-the-box nail designs to inspire you:

1. Not-So-Sweet Hearts

Start with a nude base and add a pastel purple heart in the center. (Essie: “Sand Tropez” and “Go Ginza!”)

Outline the heart in black extra fine Sharpie. Write a phrase in the middle. Trace over your outline with a black polish striper (Art Deco nail striper: “Black”)

2. Roses

Start with a solid base. (Essie: “Under Where?”)

Add two pink circles. (Essie: “Muchi Muchi”)

Add pastel green leaves and outline your roses with a bright pink. (Revlon: “Minted,” Art Deco nail striper: “Hot Pink”)

3. Sassy Smooches

Start with a gold glitter base. (Essie: “Beyond Cozy”)

With a nail striper or a toothpick dipped in polish, draw the outlines of two pairs of lips in red and pink. (Art Deco nail stripers: “Hot Pink” and “Baby Pink”)

Fill in the outlines with polish.

4. Scalloped French

Draw a scalloped edge at the top of your nail. (“Baby Pink”)

Outline the edge with a bright pink. (“Hot Pink”)

5. Polka Dot Bow

Paint a bow at the top of your nail. (Sally Hansen Diamond Strength: “Diamonds and Rubies”)

Add white polka dots. (Art Deco nail striper: “White”)

Outline with black. (“Black”)

6. Victoria’s Secret Bag

Start with a medium pink base. (OPI: “Shorts Story”)

Add red stripes. (“Diamonds and Rubies”)

7. Love Letter

Start with a white base. (Essie: “Blanc”)

Add a black V-shape. (“Black”)

Paint a mini heart at the bottom of the V. (“Diamonds and Rubies”)

8. Triangle French

Place a piece of tape diagonally so that a small triangle of nail is exposed at the top right. Paint it in with a light pink. (“Muchi Muchi”)

When the pink completely dries, peel off the tape. Repeat on the left side with red. (“Diamonds and Rubies”)

9. From the Bottom of My Heart

Start with a nude base (“Sand Tropez”). Paint the top of a heart at the bottom of the nail. (“Diamonds and Rubies”)

Top the heart with a matching glitter polish. (Zoya: “Astra”)

10. Polka Dots

Start with a white base. (“Blanc”)

Add pink dots with a nail striper or a toothpick dipped in polish. (“Baby Pink”)

Point Park University Junior Acting major with minors in Frappuccinology and Complaining About Boys. The girl on campus with the sequin beanie and the giant shiny headphones (yep, that girl). I usually wear mostly pink and the gym and have nearly 300 bottles of nail polish. Now that I've given you more than enough reasons to hate me, take a looksie at my DIY articles. Maybe you'll change your mind. Comments and suggestions more than welcome!
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