The Demise of Michael Kors

Fashion is a part of our everyday life. We love it, we breathe it, and we constantly want more of it.

Fashion wouldn’t be the same today without the countless designers who have influenced it. One designer that everyone seems to be totally obsessed with is Michael Kors. You honestly can’t go anywhere without seeing a Michael Kors purse or handbag. Whether it is the classic brown one with “MK’ covering the entire bag or the rose gold one, there’s no doubt that they are everywhere.

A Michael Kors bag was once was looked at as a piece of luxury, yet now it’s as common as a Hershey bar in that same MK bag. It’s not totally bad that everyone loves it; however it has lost some of its “uniqueness.”

So the question is, how did this happen? Michael Kors started to gain popularity (even though it was established in 1981) in the early 2000s and he used excellent material to produce great products. Nicki Minaj even famously gave the designer a shootout in the 2010 hit “Dance (A$$).” (Come on, you know ever since then everybody wanted something Michael Kors).

As the years went on, EVERYONE needed a Michael Kors bag. You couldn’t even walk into a high school without seeing a girl with a Michael Kors bag. Um, you’re 14, why do you have that? Maybe that’s just a sign of spoiled children or the truth that society killed Michael Kors. Seeing a Michael Kors bag now is nothing special- a harsh reality for the people who first discovered him. Everybody just wants the feeling of importance, hence the reason they flock to the Michael Kors and other designer items. They want to be looked and be seen as “important” and “valuable.” Michael Kors just isn’t going to do that for you, sweeties. It’s honestly just making you look like everyone else. Seek something that truly is different. Fashion is about being “different” and there is nothing of different about Michael Kors anymore. However, not all Michael Kors bags are the same. He does make unique pieces that are different from the common “MK’ bag.  Do yourself a favor and buy one of those if you want to sport Michael Kors!  Ultimate hope is that the Michael Kors obsession dies down and he rebrands the company with new designs and more “out there” patterns. The demise of Michael Kors is tragic; however, he can rebound. Here’s hoping.

As Miranda Priestly would say, “Wow, a Michael Kors purse, how groundbreaking…”