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Cold Fronts, “Forever Whatever” Review

On October 23rd Philadelphia-based band, Cold Fronts, released their debut LP, Forever Whatever. They also made it available from streaming, but you should totally buy that sh*t and support the outrageously talented artists that created it. Ok so, here is my review of Forever Whatever:

To start off, this record is “Buschleague.” This track sets the tone for the whole album. Upbeat, some distortion, but it undeniably, impeccably makes the record fit into the punk/hip/rock scene. With a catchy chorus, like most of the songs, “Buschleague” knocks it out of the park.

The next three songs are off of previous EPs. “Know It All,” “Catch,” and “Primetime” are incarnations of songs previously recorded. “Know It All” has been picked up and cleaned up to become the track that is on the album. It is similar to the recording on the Forever EP.

“Catch” and “Primetime,” however, are from their Pretty American EP and they each had a total makeover, and I love the new versions just as much as the old. The tracks of the previous EP would not fit in with this record at all. The sound became sleeker but is still trashy (in the best way) and that made it so cohesive with the album that it’s impossible to say one version is better than the other. 

“Permanent Record” is the next track and the slower pacing at the beginning is somewhat misleading, because they engery of the song picks up quickly and the chorus rocks out without holding back. This track is the perfect background music for any scene in your college life. Just listen to it.

Up next is, “Energy Waster” the opening guitar riff ‘busts out of the gate’ and the song doesn’t slow down at all. The distortion is more present in this song, but it doesn’t take away from the song in the least. This is a song that makes you feel like jumping.

After “Energy Waster” it’s another song from the Forever EP, “Hit Me.” “Hit Me” still has all the pizazz as it did on the EP. The syncopation in the chorus is incredibly playful and fun and really gets it stuck in your head.

The last three tracks, “Radio,” “Hurts To Be Away,” and “Darling” are great. “Radio” also has a cool rhythm in its chorus that is a triplet, so that makes it just as much fun to listen to/sing as “Hit Me” in that aspect. “Hurts To Be Away” is a song that would be great to see live because there is perfect opportunity for audience interaction, but only if the audience really knows the song. The bridge has repetitive words that would be great to shout back and forth.

The final track, “Darling,” takes the tempo down and your ears to heaven after an electric opening riff. The old almost ‘Doo-wop’-y (but still rock) feel of this song just really pleasing. I think it is the perfect song to end the album on because it took us down and chilled us out.

Forever Whatever by Cold Fronts is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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