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Cheap Places For College Kids To Enjoy

Point Park students can enjoy a day at The Carnegie Museums with free admission and the John Heinz History Center for only $6 with their college I.D. The Pittsburgh Pirates offer $5 discount tickets for any student with a valid college I.D., and The Pittsburgh Penguins offer special ticket discounts for students who are true hockey fans. While the Just Ducky Tours don’t offer exact students discounts, the tickets from the tour can be used to save some money when you get hungry.

These are just some examples of the cultural experiences the Steel City has to offer for students who are on a tight budget or looking for enjoyable things to do throughout the city.

The city of Pittsburgh is a bustling metropolis devoted to preserving the charm and excitement of its reputable culture. Many tourists and students come here to relish in all of the sport and artistic venues offered to enthusiasts of all kinds. Sports stadiums, art crawls, galleries, tours, theaters, entertainment venues, and diverse eateries are among the many activities to experience in Pittsburgh.

The Wood Street Galleries, operated by The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, gives up-and-coming featured artists from around the world the opportunity to display their media masterpieces.

The Mattress Factory, which also includes free admission with a valid student I.D., boasts unique modern art and site-specific installations from experimental artists from all areas of the globe.

Many restaurants in the area offer discounts on savory dishes for students to get a taste of Pittsburgh delicacies.

Local universities in the area offer discounted tickets and special offers to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the variety of treasures throughout the city whether or not you are on a tight budget. 

Dedicated baseball fans can enjoy a sunny afternoon at PNC Park with discounted Pittsburgh Pirates tickets. Point Park senior and Pirates fan Haleigh Kopinski considers going to the baseball games one of her favorite things to do while being on a budget. “Through the school, you can get tickets for $5 and you can usually get tickets through the stadium for $10 to $15. It’s a fun night out to watch the ‘Buccos!’”

Hockey fans are certainly not left out either. The Pittsburgh Penguins and American Eagle partner up to offer $27 pre-sale tickets on certain “Student Rush” nights with a valid student I.D. for local colleges.

For those who are more into history and the arts, you haven’t been forgotten. The Carnegie Museums are comprised of the Carnegie Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, The Carnegie Science Center, and The Andy Warhol Museum. With a valid student I.D, one can enjoy free admission to the museums. Out of the four Carnegie museums, the Science Center is the only one without free admission; however, a student can enjoy $2.00 off of their admission ticket.

The John Heinz History Center, part of the Smithsonian Institution, offers a historical look at the beloved city through artifacts and interactive exhibits. The center also includes a spacious museum inside dedicated to the sports culture of Pittsburgh. Admission is only $6 for students. Rebekah Mohrmann, also a Point Park student, claims the Heinz Center is where she enjoys going during her free time. “I’m a huge history nerd and an avid sports fan, so that’s why I love going to the sports museum!” 

For perspective or current students, as well as tourists, the Just Ducky Tours takes guests on the Steel City’s only adventure through the city on land and water. Each excursion begins at Pittsburgh’s own Station Square before flocking downtown. Point Park student and Ducky tour guide Colten Gill believes the tours provide an educational and enjoyable experience for current and perspective students. “Students often enjoy the tours because the narrators point out local history and facts that make living in Downtown Pittsburgh so unique, and share the incredibly fascinating history of buildings and locations that students are surrounded by on a daily basis.” Gill adds, “It’s also a fun and unique way to see the various parts of Downtown Pittsburgh.” Even though Just Ducky Tours don’t give a student discount, you can use your ticket to get 15% off of your meal at The Hard Rock Cafe. Tickets are $22.00 for adults, and $15.00 for children 12 and under. Gill concludes, “The hour-long experience is filled with jokes, fun facts, and interesting stories about everything from the Cultural District’s historic theaters to the area’s importance in the Revolutionary War.” Just Ducky proves to be the best experience for getting to know the city and all of its treasures.

Pittsburgh offers an abundance of activities to enjoy for everyone of all ages and especially students who are on a tight budget. From spacious art galleries and museums and historic sport venues, to popular grub hubs and entertaining tours, Pittsburgh has proven to be a star location to explore its culture without completely emptying your wallet. 

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