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Campus Cutie: Jared Whitford

Photo by Julianne Griffith 




Name: Jared Whitford

Age: 19

Year in school: Sophomore

Hometown: Montoursville, PA

Major: “BFA Theater Arts, I don’t want to get technical right now.”

Activities/involvement on campus: “Active slave to the COPA gods.”

Relationship status: Single

Sign: Aquarius

Hobbies/interests: “I am super into theater, it’s literally all I do. I am so happy to say my career and hobby are the same thing.”

Hidden talent: “I am actually a closet soprano. Take that as you will.”

Life motto: “Striving to perfection daily,” and/or “Carpe diem”

Dream job: “After I win my Tony Award, I hope to run a theater conservatory. Also, being a stay at home housewife. #realhousewivesofpittsburgh.”

Boxers or briefs?: “Briefs all the way”

Favorite movie: Singin’ in the Rain

Favorite music: “Obviously show tunes, but I also love 80s pop”

Favorite TV show: Ladies of London

Favorite teams: “Um, team Sutton [Foster] all the way”

Celebrity crush: Sutton Foster and Eddie Redmayne

Biggest turn-on: “Well, flexibility. Nothing turns me on more then when guys make it easy to hang out and spend time together.”

Biggest turn-off: “Eh, people are people so I try to be optimistic”

Describe your ideal date: “My ideal date is a night on the river then going back to a picnic of delicious food and a movie outside preferable My Fair Lady.”

Fun fact about yourself: “I am obsessed with all the Real Housewives… Literally Seth Rudesky obsessed.”

Dream travel destination: “London to kiss a lover under Big Ben… dream come true.”

Lexie Mikula is senior Mass Communications major at Point Park University from Harrisburg, PA. Lexie held the position of Campus Correspondent and contributing editor-in-chief of HC Point Park from May 2014 - May 2016. In addition to social journalism and media, she enjoys rainy days in the city, dogs with personality, watching The Goonies with her five roommates (and HC teammates!), and coffee... copious amounts of coffee. 
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