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CAB PR Coordinator, Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller is sophomore Advertising & Public Relations major from Charleroi, PA, here at Point Park. This ambitious, outgong, and friendly gal just became the PR Coordinator for the Campus Activities Board! FInd out more about Nicole and her position with CAB below: 

How did you initially get involved with CAB?
I met the PR Coordinator at the time when I was visiting the Accepted Student Day and she told me about CAB and gave me her contact info. Then when I came in as a freshman I wanted to get involved and remembered CAB and joined.
What does your position entail?
PR Coordinator is kind of the media rep for CAB. I do a lot of things like press releases, media contacting, some social media, promo tables at events, anything to help CAB's visibility on campus.
Do you feel like your classes over the past few years have helped you in your position? 
Yes they have helped me, but I learned a lot more from CAB. For instance, I learned networking, how to write a press release, and how to work in a diverse group first through CAB.
What is your favorite thing about your job and being apart of CAB?
All of the friends I have made. CAB is a great opportunity to meet people outside your major and also brings you together. I also love how much I am learning through experiences with CAB.
How do you think your position will prepare you for your future?
CAB has taught me so much professionally, as well as how to work with others and be in an office setting. We also do a lot of strengths and personality tests which are great to help you in the future.
What other clubs and activities do you participate in? 
Knitting Club
Keep up with Nicole and her her CAB pals on Twitter and Instagram, @PointParkCAB!
Lexie Mikula is senior Mass Communications major at Point Park University from Harrisburg, PA. Lexie held the position of Campus Correspondent and contributing editor-in-chief of HC Point Park from May 2014 - May 2016. In addition to social journalism and media, she enjoys rainy days in the city, dogs with personality, watching The Goonies with her five roommates (and HC teammates!), and coffee... copious amounts of coffee. 
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