BROCKHAMPTON Iridescence Review

After multiple months, name changes and much awaited teasing, the new BROCKHAMPTON album has been born into the world of hip hop.


As the birth of a newfound trilogy, iridescence has introduced a new style to the boyband’s sound. With much experimentation prevalent, the album offers opportunities for the six members to branch out of their norm.


After experiencing album teasers since early spring of this year and the removal of ex-member Ameer Vann, fans did not know what to expect of the new album. The band made their travels to London, England to record and dive into the full experience of the album.


One day previous of the drop, BROCKHAMPTON released the single “J’OUVERT,” surprising fans with their darker, more industrial sound. Hours later, many tuned in to their livestream to hear the album for the first time. Swimming around different sounds, iridescence has something to offer for fans of all tastes. Songs such as “NEW ORLEANS,” “WHERE THE CASH AT” and “DISTRICT” host a harsher, more experimental sound that has not yet been heard from the group. Whilst these songs seem hard at nature, they still hold truth and meaning with the lyrics that accompany the instrumentals. The music is fitting to the thermal theme of the cover art.


A BROCKHAMPTON album would not be complete without those songs that tug at your heartstrings and help you understand each member’s experiences. “WEIGHT” does a perfect job at this, with hard-hitting verses from Kevin, Joba and Dom. I believe that this is the most sentimental track of the album, as Kevin Abstract re-experiences his discovery of his sexuality, Joba explains the harsh reality of life, and Dom Mclennon apologizes to his mother for being distant due to the weight and cruelty of the world.


Along with this comes “TONYA,” as first heard on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Beginning with a sappy piano intro, this was the first song to be released after the SATURATION trilogy, bouncing back from the removal of Vann from the group. The story appeals to ice skater Tonya Harding, as Abstract quotes “my life is ‘I, Tonya.’”


Another specifically notable song from iridescence is “HONEY.” With samples from “Dance for You” by Beyoncé and SATURATION song “BUMP,” this track returns back to a sound from the previous trilogy. Flowing out to a slower beat, it is definitely a staple to the album.


iridescence showcases the band at a vulnerable time in their career, having to bounce back after their debut trilogy with new sounds and talents at hand. I believe that this music has been a stepping stone for them all, musicians, producers, creative directors and so forth. iridescence has shown my empathy towards the band members, as myself and other fans can relate and find shelter within the lyrics written. BROCKHAMPTON has grown in many aspects of their career and will continue to reach higher than ever before. As they continue to reach to these greater heights, they will continue to prove themselves as the hardest working boyband in show business.