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The Best Twitter Anon Accounts You Should Be Following

It’s great to keep up with your classmates, friends, and family, but everyone knows the best Twitter accounts are the viral anons! From 5 second news to insane college stories, and even a pic of 20th century New York City, here are 5 must-follow Twitter accounts that you need on your feed:

@Need2KnowTweet – Need 2 Know is the best way to get your news! It comes right to your twitter feed, and all that unnecessary filler has been filtered out. It’s the best way to stay aware of your current events in 140 characters or less!

@HistoricalPics – Historical Pics tweets awesome, well, historical pictures! Many are of well-known landmarks or people from popular culture. It’s a blast from the past while simply scrolling through your feed.

@itstinatbh – This parody account of the character Tina Belcher from the show “Bob’s Burgers” is totally hilarious. Just like the character in the show, this twitter account brings you the best dark humored and cynical tweets.

@collegefession – Collegefession is a hilarious compilation of the wildest confessions from college students around the country. From random hookups to hilarious drinking stories, this account will make you feel less guilty about last weekend.

@CuteEmergency – What could be better than pic after pic of adorable animals doing adorable things? Every tweet is sure to brighten your day!

Of course, be sure to follow @HCPointPark as well & tweet us some of YOUR favorite Twitter anon accounts!

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