The Best Pam & Jim Moments of all time

There is no doubt that Jim and Pam from The Office are absolute #relationshipgoals. The entire series is filled with adorable moments between the two. So in honor of this weekend’s Valentine’s Day, here are our top 14 Jim and Pam moments!

When Jim gets Pam for Secret Santa and buys her the teapot she wanted and fills it with inside jokes and a letter saying how he feels about her. Even though he takes the note before she can read it :/

When the office goes to Lake Scranton for beach day and Pam tells Jim she called off her wedding for him.

When they have dinner on top of the roof together and talk about the first time they knew they liked each other.

And when Jim drives back from New York to ask Pam out on their first ‘official’ date and she can’t stop smiling. Would you be able to either?

When Pam finds the world’s tiniest Bluetooth and stays on the phone with Jim all day. Don’t we all wish we could talk to our S.O. all day long?

When Jim buys his parent’s house to surprise Pam.


When they kiss for the first time and they both say how long they’ve waited to do that. BUT PAM STAYS ENGAGED TO ROY :(

When Jim reveals how long he’s had their engagement ring. Cue the tears.

When Robert California makes a list of losers and winners and Jim goes and makes his own list. *let me just add my own name to Jim’s winners list quick*

When Jim just can’t wait any longer and meets Pam at a gas station for “lunch” but actually proposes in the rain. Who says gas stations can’t be romantic?

When Pam hurts herself at the company picnic and goes to the hospital only to find out she is pregnant. I’m fine.

In the second to last episode when Pam tells Jim she’s afraid she isn’t enough for him, and Jim has the camera crew help him make a DVD of all the footage of them from over the years. And then Jim finally gives her the letter from teapot. Can you hear us sobbing?

When Pam rips her veil before the wedding and Jim cuts off his tie so she isn’t embarrassed. Then Pam takes a cute mental picture of the moment. Never have I ever been more jealous of a girl ripping her veil.

These are just some of our favorites because let’s be honest, nearly every moment of Jim and Pam’s relationship is total goals.