All Things Horror Club to Host "Anti-Valentine's Day" Dance

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, or just looking for a fun night, the All Things Horror Club has the solution in its Anti-Valentine’s Day Dance.

The free event, from 7 to 10 PM on February 9th in Lawrence Hall 200, will offer a DJ, cookies, candy, and an Anti-Valentine’s craft. President Alex Stelitano says, “It’s something for people to do who don’t have anyone to ‘Valentine’ with,” although Vice President Ashley Rae is quick to mention that people are welcome to come whether they’re single or not.

The All Things Horror Club, a relatively new organization on campus, was founded in 2013 in hopes to celebrate horror all year round instead of just in October, says Stelitano. The club’s activities include participating in escape room challenges, hosting screenings of horror movies, and taking trips to haunted houses and asylums.

Last year the club held a Valentine’s Day party which included a showing of My Bloody Valentine, a piñata, candy, and a Moe’s taco bar. When asked why they decided to change their event this time around Stelitano says that the party last year did not have a large turnout and they already show a lot of movies throughout the school year.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Dance is definitely a bigger event than what they had last year, and will host many more activities for attendees. The dance will be DJ’d by Angie Koskowich, also known as “Kosko,” who is a sophomore dance major here at Point Park. There will also be broken heart Eat-n-Park cookies and “lots of Hershey kisses” says Secretary Jessica Ureste. The club will be providing construction paper, markers, and decorations for attendees to make their own ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ cards while enjoying the music and food.  

Although this isn’t a horror event, the club has incorporated it into some parts of the dance, including but not limited to fake body parts being laid out around the room. Club member Olivia Gilpin says she is excited about hosting this event because “it gives single people a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

From left: Jessica, Alex and Ashley

This dance is only the first event of many the All Things Horror Club has planned for this semester. Later this month they plan to host a Walking Dead premiere party, an event that was very successful last year, that will include the opportunity to get your face painted in horror makeup.

The club will also be hosting their first movie screening soon, where they will be showing “The Visit,” a 2015 horror film about two children who become increasingly frightened by their grandparents disturbing behavior while visiting them.  The group also spoke at their latest meeting about going to see a movie in theaters soon, mentioning “Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies” as an option.

Possibly their biggest event of the year will be when the club’s members venture to Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania to spend a night in Hotel Conneaut, long considered haunted. As legend has it, the hotel, built in 1903, has 150 rooms and is haunted by many guests who checked in but never checked out.  

Rae says that this club can be for everyone, as there are people in it who may enjoy scary movies but not haunted houses and vice versa. She has hopes that this Anti-Valentine's Day dance will be a success and says, “I hope students have fun and that we can get some new members!”