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Affordable Spring Events For College Students in Pittsburgh

Spring is one of the most enjoyable seasons here in Pittsburgh. The end of the cold, miserable weather brings a ton of events of every kind to Pittsburgh.  Sometimes, though, concerts, performances, and other events do not work with a college student’s budget.  Here is a list of some awesome events planned in the area this spring that will be enjoyable for you and your bank account:

St. Patrick’s Day parade:

This event absolutely cannot be missed, especially for Point Park students living on campus! the parade goes straight past campus on the Boulevard of the Allies.  Starting at 10 a.m. on March 14, Pittsburgh takes credit for the second largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world.  Get decked out in festive clothes and check out this free event with your friends.

Point Park performances:

Going to a ballet or musical at the Benedum might be super enjoyable, but it can also get super expensive.  Luckily for Point Park students, the school offers discounted or free tickets to see the incredible talent present at our university.  In the months of March and April, several performances are scheduled at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, including The Boyfriend and A Streetcar Named Desire. Check out the Pittsburgh Playhouse website to get all the information about tickets and dates for the shows.

Festival of Colors:

Photo by Lexie Mikula

This has been dubbed “the world’s happiest event” for a reason!  What sounds more enjoyable than participating in a group color throwing where everyone gets covered in organic holi powder? Not only this, but live music and traditional Indian dance performances can be attended throughout the day all to celebrate the coming of Spring!  This event is on April 11 at Schenley Park and it can be experienced for a minimum of $10.Tickets are not yet available for the Pittsburgh location, but when they are, you can purchase them here

CMU Carnival:

Every college student in the Pittsburgh area should make an effort to make it to the annual Carnegie Mellon University carnival.  This year, it is held on April 16 through the 18. The carnival has rides, food, and a huge number of booths that student organizations create based on an annual theme, this year’s being “Living Library.”  On Saturday night, the carnival wraps up with an outdoor concert, this year featuring Matt and Kim.  This is one of the most anticipated events for college students; it definitely should not be missed!

Art All Night:

Art All Night is a free event in Lawrenceville on April 25, and goes all night into the 26.  This is essentially a volunteer-based, interactive art show that is great for people of any age.  This is a different type of event to attend that features all different types of artwork, from professional to amateur work. It is an uncensored event and they also have artists working on-site!  Even you can submit a piece of art to the event or volunteer at Art All Night. It’s not to be missed!

Pirates Games

Photo by Alyssa Edwards

Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games are super fun to go to, and definitely the least expensive professional sporting event to attend in Pittsburgh.  The SAIL office even offers discounted tickets for certain games.  The home opener this year is on April 13.  The excitement on the field, the food, and the beautiful view of the city all make attending a Pirates game a must on any college students to-do list this spring.  

This list shows only a few of the many budget-friendly events in Pittsburgh this spring.  Take advantage of going to school in a city and attend as many events as possible!

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Alyssa Edwards, sophomore Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management major at Point Park University, Works part-time at American Eagle Outfitters.  Lover of cats, adventures, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and ballet. 
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