7 Things Only Geminis Understand

Being a Gemini is hard. Out of all the astrology signs, Geminis are the most mischievous and emotional. They aren’t afraid to speak their minds either. If something is bothering them, they will tell you… about a thousand times, too! One minute a Gemini can be having the time of their lives and the next minute they can be crying in the bathroom. Unlike, say a Capricorn, Gemini’s aren’t boring. Actually, boredom is their biggest fear.  They will always have something to do or say to someone. No one truly understands a Gemini and that’s okay. Here are 7 things Gemini’s truly understand.

*everyone when a Gemini walks in the room*

7.  Hate from Other Signs

“Oh, you’re a Gemini? You must be crazy!” 6.  Hating On Capricorns

They are just soooooo boring. Not all of them….but most.  5. Not Knowing What They Want In Life

Geminis are many-sided. They change their minds CONSTANTLY. One second they want to be a doctor... the next second they want to a pop star. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!4. Being Too Much To Handle

Geminis are THE LIFE of the party. They are full of energy and never stop. Legit the human energizer bunny.

3. Having LOTS of friends

Geminis are social butterflies. They don’t like having one friend or ten friends… they know everyone. They are friends with EVERYONE. 2.  Crying In Bathrooms

Apparently Geminis cry a lot. 1.Having No Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Anddddd no one wants to date a Gemini! Poor Geminis. It’s hard for them out there.