7 Things To Do On Your Staycation

Spring break is coming up soon, and while we all wish we could go somewhere fun it may not be possible. So instead of scrolling through your social media and daydreaming about being in Miami, make the most of your staycation at school or at home!

1. Explore!

Check out some of the sights around town that you’ve always wanted to see but never had time!


Photo by Rebekah Mohrmann

2. Meet Up With Old Friends

If you’re headed home for spring break, meet up with some of your friends from high school. Head out to lunch and catch up on what’s been going on with each other!

3. See A Show

Take this time to head out to the theater, major or local, and see a production! Pittsburgh has a huge theater district, and offers so many good options, even for a first time theater-goer!

Photo by Rebekah Mohrmann

4. Catch Up On Homework

Have a paper due the week after break? Still haven’t done that reading from two weeks ago? Use this time to get a head start or catch up on your school assignments.

5. Get Some Sleep

Getting a solid eight hours of sleep at night is not always easy while in college. Make sure to use your break to the fullest and catch up on some of those z’s!

6. Read A Book

Still trying to get around to reading that book you got for Christmas? A staycation is a great time to snuggle up with a book and get reading!

7. Take A Day Trip

You may not have a full vacation planned, but you can still do some traveling! Grab some friends and venture to a nearby city or beach and spend the day/night there.

Photo by Rebekah Mohrmann