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3 Artists You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping On

This article was written by Kait Regulbuto

Aren’t we all suckers for mainstream music? I mean, who doesn’t love Niall Horan’s newest bop or Sam Smith’s newest ballad? However, there are so many wonderful artists and bands who don’t nearly get the recognition they should for their amazing music. Without further ado, here’s 3 artists you should listen to, and now!

1.   The Lumineers

While they might’ve had some hits between “Ho Hey” and “Ophelia,” they have so much more to them. Well-admired for their lack of auto tune and use of simpler acoustics, the Lumineers currently have 2 albums out. Their self-titled album is known for its subtle yet powerful songs like “Slow it Down” and its catchy, upbeat songs like “Flowers in your Hair.” Their second album, Cleopatra, might be one of the coolest ideas for a record to date. The entire album is connected through its songs and was turned into a film of the videos of the songs telling the story of the new girl, Ophelia. The Lumineers sound is heart wrenching and powerful, and every song they do has meaning.

2. Call Me Karizma

Call Me Karizma is an up and coming hip hop/alternative artist known for his unique style. His use of instruments like ukulele while combining his love for rap creates a soft and smooth sound that is amazing for the ears. His most recent releases include “Frank Ocean” and “Lover,” which are filled with with soft yet upbeat melodies and amazing lyrics. One of my favorite things about Karizma is his down to earth attitude and his interaction with his fans. All of his shows include a free meet and greet with the purchase of a ticket, and he almost always responds and interacts with fans on social media. Speaking of shows, Karizma will be going on tour and coming to Pittsburgh on November 4th. If you’re into up and coming artists with good vibes and great music, Call Me Karizma is worth checking out.

3. The Wrecks

The Wrecks are a 5 member band hailing from LA that’s music style dabbles between indie rock and pop punk. Their story is one of exactly what the music industry needs: pure love and passion for the type of music they want to make. The Wrecks were signed by a label who forced them to perform music that wasn’t their style. They took it in their own hands to trash the record and their opportunity with the label. However, they snuck into a recording studio one night and wrote their debut album “We Are The Wrecks”: a 3 song masterpiece filled with rebellious lyrics and an alternative sound not quite like most bands. This summer, they opened for All Time Low and will be doing their own tour this fall, including a show in Pittsburgh!

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