16 Albums to Get Excited for in 2016

Ah, a new year! That means the start of new beginnings, goals and accomplishments. That also might include... well, working out. Did you hit that gym yet? Probably not, right? Most people need new music before they get on their exercise grind and 2016 has countless new albums ready to take over the world. From the debut of Zayn Malik to the promise of new album from Lady Gaga - the music industry is about to get crazy.  Buckle up and get ready for these 16 albums in 2016 coming to slay your lives.

16. Christina Aguilera, TBA

After her last albums, 2010’s Bionic and 2012’s Lotus, failed to takeoff, Mrs. Aguilera is ready to get her sh*t together. Working with producers like Max Martin (“Baby One More Time,” “Shake It Off”) Christina is holding no prisoners this time. Will the album flop? Only time will tell; however, we are ready for some tunes from the vocal superstar.

15. Ariana Grande, Moonlight

With the first single “Focus” already landing in Billboard’s Hot 100 Top 10, things are looking bright for the donut licking wonder. She has heavily let fans know that Moonlight will be her best album yet. Moonlight is rumored to drop sometime in the spring.  Are you ready for some more Ari?

14. Maroon 5, TBA

Another year, more Maroon 5. Hmmm... don’t know how we feel about more music again, however they do make some pretty awesome bops! Will M5 have another “Moves like Jagger” on this record? Only time will tell.

13. Daya, TBA

The seventeen year old Pittsburgh native, Daya, is exploding onto the pop scene with her smash single “Hide Away” and is taking careers as she goes. 2016 also promises the release of her debut album! She explained to fans that the album would be “an extension of her EP (2015’s Daya)” in which she promised songs like “Hide Away.” Our hope is that album truly showcases her vocals and what she is capable of. It’s pretty hard to “hide away” from Daya at the moment, however, we don’t mind one bit.

12. Sia, This Is Acting

After hits like “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” January 29th’s This Is Acting sure has a lot to live up to. Yet, Sia is pretty confident it will capture the hearts of her listeners. This is Acting was completely written by the Australian songstress and is a collection of songs “all rejected from artist.” Yes, you heard that right - the album is full of songs meant for artist like Adele, Beyonce, and Britney Spears. However as a writer, Sia felt confident that the songs deserved the light of day and This Is Acting was born.

11. Gwen Stefani, TBA

It’s been 10 years since Gwen Stefani’s last studio album. Yes, TEN WHOLE YEARS. But 2016 promises the release of Gwen’s 3rd solo studio album. After semi hit’s like “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Used To Love You” from the album, Gwen is ready to showcase the album to the world. We're secretly praying for another “Hollaback Girl,” to be honest.

10. Fifth Harmony, TBA

After a hugely successful 2015, America’s favorite girl group are about to do it again! Their second album promises bops like mega-hit “Worth It” but will also feature “more mature” songs as well. We are excited to see where the fierce ladies will go in 2016 but surely it can only be higher.

9. Robyn, TBA

Sweden’s ‘dancing queen’ is ready for her comeback. After 2010’s Body Talk slayed our lives, we need more Robyn. She has been teasing us for years with songs like “Do It” and “Love Is Free” but there has been no new album. ROBYN, WHATS GOOD? WE NEED ANOTHER "DANCING ON MY OWN," STAT. Please. We will be waiting patiently until the album drops.

8. Zayn Malik, TBA

Everyone’s favorite One Direction member is going solo! Working with producers like Naughty Boy, it will be truly interesting to see what his sole effort will sound like. Will it be hip-hop influenced? Heavy dance music? However let’s be real, we all want a Justin Timberlake 2.0

7.Justin Timberlake, TBA

Speaking of JT, he is making new music in 2016 too! Not much is known about his new set however he promised it would come out in 2k16. Wow, Mr. Sexyback slay us please!

6. Katy Perry, TBA

Are you ready for another “Teenage Dream?” Pop confection Katy Perry will be releasing her 4th studio album this year and stakes are high. After 2013’s Prism last two singles failed to take off, there is question if Katy Perry can pull of another huge single like “Dark Horse” or “Firework.” Can she? We are betting yes!

5. Beyonce, TBA


Ready for some more? *hair flips* Queen B is coming back. Are you sitting down for this? Good you should be! BEYONCE IS COMING BACK! YAASSSSS! She reportedly worked all 2015 on the album and is said to be “her best yet”. EXCITED... SCREAMING AND CRYING.

4. Kanye West, Swish


Yeezus is coming back. Also, Kanye 2020. That’s all we have to say.

3. Lady Gaga, TBA

2015 was Lady Gaga’s year. American Horror Story, a tour with Tony Bennett and a Grammy win; Gaga proved she was an icon. Fresh off her Golden Globe achievement, Gaga is ready to drop her 5th studio album. She promised it as “a flashback to pop music. Just great pop music”. YAS GAGA. After ArtPop, we needed more pop tunes to bop to. There is not date yet, however, we will be hiding until it comes out.

2. Britney Spears, TBA

The Queen Of Pop is coming back! Britney Spear’s ninth studio album is upon us... this is not a drill. After 2013’s lackluster Britney Jean, a lot is riding on this album. Brit has worked with producers like Naughty Boy, DJ Mustard and even Max Martin (“Baby One More Time,” anyone?). This could be a huge album for Britney. With her smash Las Vegas show, Piece of Me, selling out every night, 2016 is about to get even sweeter for the beloved pop icon. We are hoping for another “Womanizer” or “Toxic” sized monster hit. Pop music truly needs their Britney back. In fact, the whole world does.

1.Rihanna, ANTI

The most anticipated of 2015 now has become the most anticipated of 2016. The question is…. WHERE THE F##K IS THIS ALBUM? After rumors and rumors for a whole year, there is still no sign of ANTI. If this is a marketing ploy, Ri Ri surely has everyone’s attention. Because literally everyone wants this album now. Still waiting. No ANTI yet? Ok cool.

Ah, 2016 is about to get so much better! Get ready to for a year full of bops and music. Are you excited for these albums? Let us know at @HCPointPark!