14 Best DIY Costumes to Copy This Halloweekend

Halloweekend is probably the best holiday you’ll celebrate while at college. There’s always some kind of event going on weather it’s held on or off campus where you can get dressed up with your friends or with your significant other.

Whether you’re planning on going to a Halloween party or even just planning to get dressed up to get a $3 burrito from Chipotle (fingers crossed that’s still a thing this year), it’s never too early to start thinking about what to wear.

Here are 14 DIY costumes that you can definitely pull off by raiding your closet, your roommate's closet, or your friends’ closets:

14) Taylor Swift’s 1989 Album

While this DIY costume may not look EXACTLY like T-Swift’s album cover, anyone would be able to tell it’s what you’re aiming for. Just pick out something that Taylor would totally wear, put on some red lipstick and make a cutout that looks like the background of a polaroid picture, and you’re in the clear.

13) Your Favorite Snapchat Filter

Whether you’re a fan of the beloved deer filter or the classic dog filter, you can definitely pull off the look of your favorite Snapchat filter with some dark and light makeup or some face paint.

12)  Your Favorite Penguins Player and the Stanley Cup

The Penguins are BACK-TO-BACK Stanley Cup Champions this year, so if you and your S.O. are hockey fans, this is the perfect opportunity to show it off. 

11) The Dude from The Big Lebowski

This costume would be so easy to pull off. All you would need is some sunglasses, a white t-shirt, a robe, and some boxer shorts. Look and feel lazy while still being festive. And on the plus side, you can just hop into bed after you go out.

10) Carlton Banks

Dress up a little bit classier and make sure do The Carlton all night for this one (otherwise you might just look like a preppy dad). The Carlton is a fun dance move anyway.

9) Frat Boys

This may be an overdone costume, but it’s definitely still funny. Just dress up like your favorite stereotypical frat guy and walk around with a red solo cup all night.

8) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

This is a perfect costume for you and a friend. You can print out the shells and the M and modify the costume as much as needed to make it fit what you have available. So fun and nostalgic!

7) Three Blind Mice

If you’re trying to plan out an outfit with you and two of your friends, this will definitely work well. Just wear all black clothing and dark sunglasses.

6) Rachel from Friends

Remember when Rachel was a waitress at Central Perk? She may not have worked that hard, but she always looked good doing it. Find a little apron and dress up cute like Rachel and you have yourself a nice little costume!

5) Jess Day from New Girl

Jess always dresses in such fun ways, so you can have a lot of options for this one. She’s quirky and a bit odd, but dressing up as her would be a great costume for the night.

4) Starbucks Cups

For my Big and Little Halloween costume competition last year, my big and I decided to go as Starbucks cups. I went as the usual white cup, and my big went as the red holiday cup. We got some boxes that were discarded from CVS and put a Starbucks label on them.

3) Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins

Although Parks and Rec may have ended, our undying want for a friendship like Leslie and Ann will never, ever end. They are the best gal pals, and no two people are more devoted to friendship than these two.

2) Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole


…and while we’re on the same subject, we will always wish we had a fun relationship like April and Andy. Dressing up like their alter egos, Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole, has always been and will always be a goal of mine.


So, I definitely saved the best for last here. A girl who went to my high school started dating a frat guy while she was in college.  She printed off all of the f*ckboy-ish things he texted her, glued them onto a shirt, showed up to a party wearing it and broke up with him there. Honestly ICONIC. We’ve all experienced a f*ckboy at least once in our lives; they say dumb stuff for free. So this costume is definitely low cost and something you can do yourself if you’ve ever had the unfortunate chance to deal with one in your lifetime.