12 Thoughts You Have When You're Assigned a Group Project

Assignments for final projects are rolling out now that there are just a mere three weeks left in the semester. And that means just one thing: The Dread Group Project. Here are 12 thoguhts that run through our minds during the group project process: 

Did the teacher really just announce a group project?

Of course the groups are assigned. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be with a friend

Anndddd I don’t know anyone in my group. These people are in this class?

Okay did we even do anything in that group meeting?

Of course I got assigned the people who don’t do their work.

Why won’t anyone respond in the group message?!?!

Oh someone finally answered! And it’s just to tell me they’ll “try” to get it done on time. Cool.

It’s fine I’ll just do the entire project myself

Since I did this myself my name is going first on the PowerPoint. That’ll teach them.

Okay so can I never do this again? Please?